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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Yeah it’s a Pop Life era photo
  2. Come to think of it...

    Does anyone have the original photo with Jacquie included in high quality please? I need a new Bananarama T-shirt made up!
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  3. I'm sure excited about the book. I also was taken back by the photo from 1990/1991 era. While I love the photo shoot, I always disliked Sara's cut off/floating hand. It looks like Thing from The Addams Family. I would have preferred a more recent photo ... especially from the duo years.

    I doubt Siobhan or Jacquie will be erased. I also doubt either one was asked to write anything for the book. This is Sara & Keren's memoir, not theirs. Having said that, I doubt they would not be unkind to either one. They've been very protective of Siobhan in the past. Last year at the 2 London In Stereo launch shows, especially the second one where it seemed like every other question was about Jacquie, they were kind to Jacquie. Even when they were having fun with the Jacquie questions, nothing was ever mean spirited.
  4. I don't have it in high quality, but it will look something like this ...

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  5. Cool too see, thanks!
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  6. Glorious! Many thanks.

    The fact that Jacquie is in the middle of the picture and they cut her out for the book just makes it more awkward! Lol. Surely they could have used a new photo!

    Also...what’s the deal with the random floating hand?!
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  7. Jacqui was probably pissed somewhere at the time of the shoot so they edited her in after.
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  8. Jacquie was living the dream. Getting paid to sing Bananarama songs around the world while going out on the lash every night or so.
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  9. Jacquie looks pasted into the trio photo.
  10. There were all pasted together. Look at Sara's cut off hand! They should have rearranged them (Sara, Keren, Jacquie) so Sara's arm went off the left side of the photo and it wouldn't look cut off.
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  11. They really should pick a different picture. Poor Jacquie.

  12. Never seen this before! Good watch, but doesn't help with that fact that Jacquie from the word go was very much tagged on at end, by not really appearing in until near the end.
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  13. Thank goodness for the internet so that Jacquie finally realised many loved her being in the group, it’s a shame she had all that uncertainty and doubt for the years she was in it and those that followed. I’m also glad that Sara and Keren are now clearly aware she was well liked, I feel they assumed people were indifferent previously.
  14. While I have some interest in reading their account of their career, aren't these the same people who denied that they'd ever recorded a version of "Changes"? I'm not sure how honest their accounts will be, and suspect a lot of 'bad' things they don't want people to know will be brushed over.
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  15. Yes, Jacquie deserves to know that she was for many their favourite Nana.
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  16. Whilst I agree in part, essentially every autobiography does this.
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  17. I hope it's better than Debbie Harry's. Some of that was bizarre.
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  18. So my good friend Neil Prince who was Bananarama's tour DJ is doing a 12 hour Power Ballad DJ set tomorrow to raise money for the NHS.

    There are lots of popstars virtually dropping by to request songs including what's likely to be the nearest we'll get a full Bananarama reunion in the foreseeable future.........

    Power (Ballads) To The NHS

    I didn't know the other 'Rams were involved when I asked Jacquie to take part but I heard a rumour that all 4 may be in attendance in some way or another.

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  19. I love, by the way, how Jacquie O has been so open in recent times about her time in the group and (shockingly) about her past drug use. Always was my fave member and you could learn so little from her in interviews of the time cos she was mostly uncomfortable.

    Does anybody know if she actually performed in Vegas with The Shillelagh Sisters? I think it was scheduled in March or April so it probably got cancelled.
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