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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. It was cancelled due to covid-19. She was supposed to do some dj sets while out there too. She was selling the merch that was made up to take over recently on her social media.
  2. I read she had recorded a rockabilly version of Venus, let's hope it surfaces eventually.
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  3. The merch is gorgeous. Think there's still some left if anyone is interested.
  4. I would love it if they released a single to coincide with the book.

    Maybe a new version of Really Saying Something or a one off single to celebrate.
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  5. Didn't Jessica Simpson do an EP or something to coincide with her memoir? I'd be here for Sara and Keren doing the same. Really Saying Something 2020, another reimagined version of a past hit and three or four new songs would be cool.
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  6. I'd prefer them doing a cover or new songs than a new mix of RSS or any song from their catalogue, really.
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  7. As long as one of those covers was Summer Night City.
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  8. La Toya Jackson did a EP to go with her book in 2011.
  9. I like this idea.
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  10. I always think music autobiographies should have a deluxe edition, the deluxe bit being all the nitty gritty relating to recording the albums etc for people like me who like that side of it more than usually gets covered.

    Saw some of their Insta live just now. Keren said ‘Wow’ is their best album but didn’t seem certain, Sara was very decisive that it is either Pop Life, Drama or In Stereo.
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  12. Maybe a book tour like Debbie Harry and Chris Stein are doing?
  13. Not Latoya Jackson and Jessica Simpson being mentioned as suggestions. Legends only.
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  14. Preacher Man 2020!
  15. Unlikely but I’d love for an EP of some polished up unreleased songs from the Drama, Viva, and In Stereo sessions.
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  16. I agree, it would be great if they released/remade some of their demos.

    Blue Sky
    Your Love Taste So Sweet
    I'm Waiting
    You Are Not Me
    Be My Lover Tonight
    U R My Baby
    You And I
    Really Saying Something 2020

    Ian Masterson could work on the production and all they would have to do is re-record the vocals.
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  17. Let's face it ... No one really wants a re-issue of Exotica or to have it on vinyl do they? Instead, I'd rather have them re-record the Exotica and the demos and present it as the album as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN ... Surely Ian Masterson could rework them?! Imagine if it went something like this ...

    1. If
    2. Stars
    3. I’m Waiting
    4. You And I
    5. What You Gonna Do
    6. Crazy
    7. Your Love Tastes So Sweet
    8. Blue Sky (Oceans Of Love)
    9. Boom
    10. Sleep
    11. You Are Not Me
    12. I Like It
    13. Breathe
    14. Got A Thing For You
    15. U R My Baby

    I took out all the remakes (including Careless Whisper) and left off Middle Of Nowhere since it is on Drama.
  18. I'd rather they just completely ignore Exotica and the demos from that period. Someone at the record label must have absolutely hated them to have allowed that album to go out.
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  19. While there [are] various reissues of albums with revised production (The Beatles, The Dandy Warhols), they’re for albums that weren’t considered the black sheep of their catalog. And, more importantly, is going through all this effort for Exotica worth it for Bananarama? I can imagine Sara and Karen both feel they can write better songs and those Exotica songs are simply damned to be released the way they are.

    Would be cool though, an Ian Masterson remaster of the album.

    EDIT: A word.
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  20. I'd love a remaster/reproduction of Exotica via Ian Masterson with a revamped tracklist. Along with what Davearama listed above, I'd add "Love Leave Forget". I'd rather the finalized songs be closer to the demo versions than what ended up on the album. The singles should have been:

    1. Blue Sky (wasn't this intended as the 1st single while touring Australia?)
    2. If (love this song!)
    3. What You Gonna Do? (One of my very favorite Bananarama songs)
    4. U R My Baby (I liked the demo version better than the Disco Brothers version)
    5. Love Leave Forget (This deserved a proper release)

    I actually think "Careless Whisper" could have been special, but the production and discordant plinking throughout the song makes it rather insufferable. Great video though!
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