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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. The original demo of Sleep is sublime
  2. Yes, they are by far the 3 best tracks.

    If is good until the middle 8...

    Ain't no big deal
    Just do as you feel
    Just do as you feel
    No big deal

    The demo is great, the album version is very clunky.
  3. I agree … "Sleep" was so much better in demo form.
  4. YES! That middle 8 is annoying as hell, I always found If very uninspired and needed a bit more of lyrics, it is very repetitive.

    I only liked the remake of Cruel Summer and What You Gonna Do. The main problem with that album is that the vocal production enhances all their shortcomings as vocalists. As many have said, the demos were better produced than the album versions. To be honest, I can't understand how Sara & Keren greenlighted its release. Lowest point of their career for sure.

    Even the demos that leaked prior to this era were really not that great as a whole, thankfully Drama was a return to good material and they redeemed themselves. The version of Middle of nowhere on that album is a huge improvement on the demo, as it should be.
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  5. Not really a fan of Exotica. It's the only album I don't own a physical copy, the production is horrible. I think In Stereo is brilliant one of their best albums. Lately I dusted off Please Yourself, I'm loving this album even more then back in the day, too bad it had a bad rep.
  6. Please Yourself, is alot of fun I think.
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  7. Jacquie is being painted live on Facebook LIVE by Sue Tilly! Have a look ...

  8. Something new I've learnt. I didn't know that 'I Heard A Rumour' got to number 2 in Canada.
  9. So I finally decided to give In Stereo a fresh listen, without my resentment for them not keeping Siobhan and it is a really enjoyable album. While I’m still not a fan of “Stuff Like That”, I appreciate it for what it is now.

    Also, “Tonight” remains my favorite song from this era but the album version has overtaken the remix. It’s followed closely by “On Your Own”, it’s so luscious! Oh and “Dance Music”.
  10. Glad you finally gave it a listen (I agree with you on Stuff Like That).

    On Your Own dare I say is a close relative of All The Queen’s Horses in terms of soundscape? Am I the only one that can hear this?
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  11. On Your Own wouldn’t sound to out of place on True Confessions I think. It’s got such a mood to it.

    I enjoy In Stereo a lot but if I was going to be critical it is them on auto pilot. Both lyrically and musically. That’s why moments like On Your Own really stand out. Well that and the fact that it’s the only downtempo track on the album
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  12. On Your Own is a great track, perfect closer for the album

    I listened to Exotica for the first time in ages yesterday and I think Boom! and Got A Thing For You get overlooked as only If, Crazy, Cruel Summer and What You Gonna Do get mentioned as the better tracks. Boom! could have been better but the production isn’t too bad and Got A Thing For You has the same vibe as I Can’t Let You Go.

    The production on Starz is awful though and Robert De Niro’s Waiting is almost unlistenable
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  13. I can definitely hear it! but “All The Queens...” is a superior song.
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  14. Something is a happening in Nana land, a 2 day countdown to a reveal.
    mmmm it has me thinking is the photo from a particular era a clue?
  15. Hopefully a UK release finally
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  16. Yes please a nice re-release to deluxe that album up a bit would be nice.
  17. I just had a look and there’s a Spotify pre-save for Ultra Violet. Looks to be the original album, artwork and so on. It’s coming in August, so surely they’re not going to spend 2 months building up to a plain digital re-release of a 25 year old album?
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  18. I´m pretty sure (and hope) it will be a deluxe version on CD. A vinyl would also be very nice.
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  19. Then we’ll have the whole discography [that we want] re-released!
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  20. I would imagine if the album is reissued then it will be remastered with likely a bonus disc of remixes on CD and available digitally. My guess is Cherry Red may do it as they did the "Drama" and "Viva" reissues.
    All those albums came out on different labels so it is not like how London put out reissues of the first six albums together.

    I think we may be lucky to get "Ultra Violet" which is a nice part of the discography capturing the eurodance era but I am highly doubtful we will get "Exotica".
    It would have helped that "Ultra Violet" was released in most markets minus the UK at the time whereas "Exotica" was only meant to be released to the French market.
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