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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Happy birthday to the fabulous I Heard A Rumour! To this day I don't understand why it wasn't a UK Top 5 hit but that doesn't matter, over the years it has become my favourite WOW! single and one of their defining moments. To hear it live on the tour was an absolute joy.
  2. Totally should have been a Top 5, especially with all the promo they did for it! It was fabulous and joyous on the reunion tour, a highlight amongst many highlights of the show!
  3. Every single from I Heard a Rumour > Tripping on Your Love was top 3 in my heart.

    What a run. Only Wannabe > Goodbye betters it.
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  4. Indeed, it's a crime that it stopped climbing at #14.
    Managed #4 in the US though, so at least that's a bit of justice for what is a classic track.
  5. It did set up for 'Love in the first degree" to be a top 3 hit so it worked in a way it's chart position doesn't look like it did.
  6. Lots of love for "I heard a rumour" and rightfully so. It is one of my all time favourite Bananarama tunes. I love the Horoscope mix also.
  7. The problem of I Heard A Rumour it is an uncredited cover really like it was said on previous posts of this forum.

    There are more references to the italo-disco on Wow!. Some Girls points to Boys (Summertime Love), a song from the italian singer, Sabrina,

    In fact, Wow! sounds very italo-disco.
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  8. Screenshot_20200630-013025_Samsung Internet.jpg
    It managed a month in the top twenty, so I guess it sold pretty well even if it didn't go top ten
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  9. Spot on.
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  10. Apparently it sold about 110,000 back then.... according to stats I read on a random blog
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  11. I remember when I bought the Canadian cassette edition of Greatest Hits and reading the liner notes, I was shocked to see some of the placements of their songs on the UK charts. I Heard a Rumour made it to number 2 in Canada, and has been mentioned, it made number 4 in the US.

    And then the next single Love in the First Degree had the reverse fortune. Go figure.
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  12. In the UK it definitely felt like I Heard A Rumour was the single that warmed everyone up, whereas Love In The First Degree was a minor sensation, being both outrageously catchy and jaw-droppingly cheeky.
  13. I am always perplexed at how some SAW-produced hits just took off in North America (ie. Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and Together Forever, Kylie's The Locomotion and Bananarama's Venus and I Heard a Rumour) but others got the complete shoulder, even though they didn't sound that different. It was like there was only a certain amount of SAW-related songs that could chart.

    And with Bananarama, it was like they would have huge hits (Cruel Summer, Venus, Rumour) followed by huge flops. The pattern of bops and flops.
  14. To be fair, their UK chart career was often bops and flops! Wow! was the first (and only) album where every single was a hit. I guess 'Drama' was as well, but that's because it only spawned 2 singles.
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  15. I Heard A Rumour spawned some great remixes, my favourites being the Freestyle Miami Mix which "owes" a lot to Company B's Fascinated

    and the acid house stylings of the Corporation of Bananarama Mix

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  16. In America I Heard A Rumour was released as a single to promote a movie called Disorderlies. I don't think the movie did well, but it's possible there was more of a push in getting the song off the ground to sell the soundtrack than whatever was to be invested in the Wow album.
  17. It's interesting how many times Bananarama ended up on the soundtracks of American films - The Wild Life, Disorderlies, The Secret of My Success, Rain Man.
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  18. Plus they're strongly associated with Karate Kid, even if not on the ST.
  19. Yup, because they play pretty much the entire song in the movie.

    It helped them get a hit in the States!
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