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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. They really seem so down to earth and humble.
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  2. That was a great interview, nice to see them talk about Jacquie like that
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  3. SBK


    Yeah, its a shame they couldn't/wouldn't shell out/didn't consider for Richard X to do the whole album, it could have pushed it to the next level.
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  4. So happy with this new album! Great album opener with Love In Stereo (it's been a long time, too long, since we had an album from them). And On Your Own is the perfect closer. For some reason I like that the last song on an album is a slow one. Lots of good songs in between those two too.
  5. As fantastic as much of Drama was, it felt a tad bloated and frustratingly five-years-late. With a few notable exceptions, Viva felt bombastic to the point of smashing a brick against my head until my ears bled. In Stereo takes the better elements of both previous albums all delivered in a tight ten tracks that warrant repeat listening rather than outstaying their welcome.

    I hear playful nods to so many pop greats - the music and melodies of Erasure, Sugababes (obviously), Belinda Carlisle, Daft Punk and Blondie with the vocal stylings of The B52's, The Bangles, Debbie Harry and Goldfrapp. Lyrically, they've never been or even attempted to be Dylan or Mitchell, but on this set I'm loving the - perhaps unintended - referencing of the likes of Venus (I'm On Fire) and You Spin Me Round (It's Gonna Be Alright). I often feel their vocals are missing something (that third member perhaps?) but get none of that from this album. Vocally, this as an overall set is the best I've heard from Duorama.

    Looking For Someone
    and Got To Get Away are sunshine certified fresh and a welcome switch in gear from the bangers and as much as Love In Stereo is a perfect opener ("been a long time" indeed!), at the other end, the gorgeous summers-end longing and swell of guitar licks swirling around melancholia drenched harmonies on On Your Own is an exquisite way to close a pop album.
  6. Youth did great things for Dubstar on their most recent album. I would be happy if he & Sara finally reconnected musically & he subsequently moulded his Dubstar production sound around Bananarama’s next album opus.
  7. This album is amazing! Nearly every song is better than the two they released prior which left me a little underwhelmed. Love In Stereo, I'm On Fire, Intoxicated and Tonight are incredible. Easily their best album since Please Yourself.
  8. Love In Stereo really needs to be a single. It really does! It’s just to good.

    I’m so excited to see what surprises they have in store for the tour dates. Knowing they won’t just pull out the usual greatest hits. I’m going to avoid the forum until I’ve been to the Manchester show. If I hear songs like Only Your Love (let me dream okay) I’ll be fan girling all over the place!
  9. Love In Stereo, is well and truly an epic opener.
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It feels so odd that Bananarama got to record and release an unreleased Sugababes track. (I could swear I vaguely hear Mutya on it still?)
    On so many levels. But I do love their version (and relistening the demo it feels like much more of a Bananarama song actually?)

    Also highly recommended for anyone who wants to hear Siobhan on it.
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  11. A number of record stores have been putting their unsold RSD releases into their online stock or listing on Discogs from today (presume they consider one week exclusive to retail sufficient).

    Managed to pick up the Drama and Viva LPs just slightly higher than the original retail price this morning. yay!
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  12. I wonder why Ultra Violet has never become available on digital? Am I the only one who really likes it and thinks it has tons of bops on it? System, Don't Stop Me Now, Rhythm of Love, Every Shade of Blue etc!

    Exotica is available and that's far more shit with it's half baked demo sounding songs and dire remixes. The cover of Careless Whisper is just hideous!
  13. There's an ad on Instagram for the album saying it features Stuff Like That and Looking for Someone. So I guess that's the best single?
  14. I thought their comments on Keith Flint were very touching.
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  15. I enjoy Ultra Violet also. As you said there is a lot of catchy dance tunes. It is a europop dance album mainly but fun and catchy for sure.

    I would love to know Sara and Keren's opinions on the Ultra Violet and Exotica album's because they rarely are mentioned.
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  16. Maybe a good question for the intimate shows? *cue filthy look from Sara and file alongside Jacquie and Siobhan related questions*
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  17. Looking for someone was added to new music Friday on spotify also.
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  18. I'm On Fire left rotting then
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