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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. You called?
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  2. They do really seem to like Jacquie! I love it when Keren talks about how funny she was.

    I think their major issue was always a newbie joining the band after 7-8 years.
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  3. "I cut that myself. Remember? It was a disaster."
    "Did you? Why?"
    "ON A WHIM, SARA."
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  4. I wish they had shown them this, maybe they can remember what cracked them up @3:07
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  5. You can see how French and Saunders found the material. “The Bananas” are so self–aware and hilarious.
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  6. The French And Saunders of Spoof, of course led to this gem which is something to be thankful for-at least I think so anyway!
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  7. They missed a trick not covering Jimmy Mack like in the sketch though!
  8. Ha ha, very true!
  9. “Ji-breath-immy, oh Ji-breath-immy Mack”
  10. 'It's a cover of Jimmy Mack.....ish'
  11. Seriously! I want a French & Saunders soundtrack with all their music parodies. Jimmy Mack, C'est la Vie (ABBA), Destiny (Dickens' Daughters)... They're all unironically good and ironically even better.
    "You know the song Jimmy Mack, right? That's what we're doing. Yes, Pete wrote it."
    "The thing is, it should look like us... but classy."

    So many incredible lines. Seeing that sketch on the old Bananarama website (possibly the greatest popstar website ever and I'm heartbroken they destroyed it and it's not even in the Internet Archive properly) instantly made me an F&S fan.
  12. Don't forgot the classic that is Love In A Factory was well of course!
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  13. Shut up, Kim!
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  14. "You are OUT of Lananeeneenoonoo Kim"!
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  15. They did Last Thing On My Mind again
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  16. I haven’t been to any of the summer shows but when it’s a short set list not sure Last thing on my mind is a wise choice when they’ve had so many hits they could choose from? I mean I get it was a huge hit for Steps but not really sure (m)any associate it with the Nanas or that it is anything near one of their classics.
  17. I'm more surprised it hasn't been in their setlist for years. A big recent(ish) hit song that everyone knows although not everyone is aware it's a Bananarama song. Perfect!
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  18. I just can’t get into the Nanas version even after all this time.
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  19. On a Nana set list related theme, I'm amazed they've yet to reclaim Young At Heart at their gigs - it's perfect for whooping up a crowd and spent a whole month at #1 in the UK in 1993 - the only Bananarama song to do so if I'm not mistaken? (hopefully I'm wrong). Their original version still sounds fresh to this day.
  20. I was at Rewind yesterday purely to see the girls and I was so pleased to see Last Thing On My Mind in the short set, so good to see a track live for the first time and it works well. I like the slower version they are performing so it’s more akin to theirs than the steps version. They were really brilliant yesterday and I’m so pleased to have been able to see them again live
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