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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Finally, we're getting a greatest hits DVD bundled with the new greatest hits album "30 Years of Bananarama" out 9th July.

    The CD has 22 tracks, but the DVD is the real gem as it has all 35 videos!

    Aie A Mwana
    Really Saying Something
    Shy Boy
    Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
    Cruel Summer
    Robert De Niro's Waiting
    I Heard A Rumour
    Love In The First Degree
    I Can't Help It
    I Want You Back
    Love Truth & Honesty
    Nathan Jones
    Only Your Love
    Preacher Man
    Movin' On
    Every Shade Of Blue
    Move In My Direction
    Look On The Floor
    Love Comes
    Love Don't Live Here

    1. Really Saying Something
    2. Shy Boy
    3. Cheers Then
    4. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
    5. Cruel Summer
    6. Robert De Niro's Waiting
    7. Rough Justice
    8. Hotline To Heaven
    9. The Wild Life
    10. Do Not Disturb
    11. Venus
    12. More Than Physical
    13. A Trick Of The Night
    14. I Heard A Rumour
    15. Love In The First Degree
    16. I Can't Help It
    17. I Want You Back
    18. Love Truth & Honesty
    19. Nathan Jones
    20. Help
    21. Only Your Love
    22. Preacher Man
    23. Long Train Running
    24. Tripping On Your Love
    25. Movin' On
    26. Last Thing On My Mind
    27. More More More
    28. Every Shade Of Blue
    29. Take Me To Your Heart
    30. Move In My Direction
    31. Look On The Floor
    32. Love Comes
    33. Love Don't Live Here
    Bonus tracks
    34. Venus 12"
    35. I Can't Help It 12"

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  2. Mvnl

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    Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    I'm a bit sad Last Thing On My Mind isn't on the CD. I suppose it wasn't too big for them, but it is one of their most wellknown songs.
  3. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    I've just died and gone to heaven.
  4. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Amazing news!!!!
  5. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    No 'Rough Justice' on the CD?!!!!!!! Yet 'Every shade of blue' is? Madness. But I guess it's not like I don't have them already. Could they not also stick the Brits 'Love in the first degree' performance with tons of near naked boys on as well?
  6. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    This is of course worth it for the DVD alone. I'll stick with my own CD compilation for the music!
  7. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Why is "It Ain't What You Do" often left off their greatest hits albums?
  8. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    I have been waiting for this DVD forever. They are the ONLY of my favourites which has never had a DVD "Best of" released. Drunken Saturday nights in will now have the perfect accompaniment!
  9. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    It's a Fun Boy Three song and from a different record label, so maybe it's a licensing thing.
  10. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Quite possibly. FB3 were on Chrysalis, and the Rams were on London (via Polygram). Though these days it's all become one big happy family in the music biz.
  11. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Weren't there two 'Trick of the night' videos? The single mix and the PWL mix in black and white made for some BBC TV show that they hated? I'm guessing it'll be the single mix, but the completist in me wants both!
  12. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Ok, this is great news. However, the DVD is missing;

    It Aint What You Do
    Trick Of The Night (B&W Version)
    Cruel Summer 89 (montage of footage)
    Megarama 89 (an A-side in Japan, France and Germany - also a montage)

    ...which would've been nice but it's certainly pretty good regardless. I thought we might get a Bananrama At The BBC type DVD or bonuses, they did millions of BBC shows over the years.
  13. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    I don't think the black and white one used the PWL mix. That was done quite late in the day to try and revive the single sales. It's the same version as the first video.
  14. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    This is the version I meant. The BBC did a documenary where this guy from 'That's life' made a video for the girls. I think the show was 'In at the deep end' and he was set the challenge of making a pop video when he'd never done it before. The mix used is the PWL mix:

    French and Saunders spoofed this video on their Lananeeneenoonoo sketch as well.
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  15. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Well, I was only a child at the time but this video obviously was never used and only got shown once on the TV show in question. They hated the end product and went with a different video. What I didn't understand is how the "PWL mix" (it's actually just an edit of "The Number One Mix" from the 12" and offically has two mix titles; 'A Trick Of The Night #2' and/or 'A Trick Of The Night (Alternative 7" Version - Edit Of Numer One Mix) ', which wasn't the A-side, was used on this earlier video, but it's not earlier at all. I think A Trick Of The Night was flopping in other territories and they hoped the TV show and a new video would help (it didn't!). They just kept the older video after the show aired, with the actual A-side/single version (which is different from the album version, but it's not the PWL mix) and didn't use the remix as the A-side because it wasn't the song in the video? Here's what they did on the gatefold 7", put out after the show in 1987, but the single was already out abroad (most copies still carry 1986 as the release date on the sleeve, but these UK EPs have 1987 on). 'A Trick Of The Night #2' is on the B-side;

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  16. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    From memory, which may be hazy, the single came out in the UK quite a while after the TV show. The single followed quite a while after 'More than physical' (wasn't Keren pregnant?) and I'm sure they shot the TV show video first, were so unhappy with it and shot the single version video after. The 'number one' mix is essentially a mash-up with 'Say I'm your number one' and if memory serves me right, the mix on the b-side was an edit of the number one mix, but not the mix used in the video (that doesn't really sample 'Say I'm your number one'). Of course, this was 25 years ago so it may all be wrong!
  17. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    I don't like that PWL remix or the Black & white video. I think the colour video looked rather HQ and modern for 1987!!!
  18. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Well, the label of the 4 track 7", which came bundled in a double pack with "The USA number 1 hit Venus" 7", titles the mix as "Alternative 7" Version - Edit Of Number One Mix", whilst the sleeve simply says "#2". Wikipedia has the release date as January 1987, the TV show aired in February 1987. I Heard A Rumour was out by July 1987. I guess the show was filmed in late 1986, and between the release of the record and the TV show, they re-shot the video. All the worldwide release dates on may be incorrect, listed as 1986, if they delayed the release until 1987 but had in fact pressed up the single ready for an earlier release. The mix in the video is the same as the mix on the B-side of the 7" and the version included on the last Greatest Hits album.
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  19. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    Jesus, talk about confusing! Haha. I remember that TV show now that's it mentioned, totally forgot about that one....think it was also the series where the guy (Paul Heiney?) joined the making of a flop Michael Caine vehicle called "Water" (clearly the programme was an absolute curse on its subjects). It was mostly memorable for a acting lesson with a clearly inebriated Oliver Reed, which revolved around ever-more ridiculous deliveries of the line "I told you old man, leave us alone".

    Aaaaaaaanyway....A Trick Of The Night did come out in the UK an awfully long time after the previou single and long after True Confessions had sunk without trace. In fact, it was probably nearer to the Wow era in the end!
  20. Re: 30 Years of Bananarama - CD & (at last!) DVD

    More Than Physical came out in August 1986. They were promoting in the States somewhere after this, what with Venus exploding over there (Keren has said the flop of True Confessions is largely down to them not being in this country promoting enough at the time) so there's about 7 months between the two singles.
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