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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Probably after the Nanas awful treatment of Paul Heiney on In At The Deep End revealing them not to be as cuddly as thought, the British public gave that single the two fingers in retaliation!
  2. It's funny that some people's opinion of Bananarama is 'cuddly' or perhaps 'sweet'. I've never thought of them as being either.

    I always liked them because they were not as polished and media savvy as many other artists. In the early days, they were shy and didn't always look particularly welcoming. Malcolm McClaren described them as looking like the type of girls that you would want to avoid. Ha! Then they started to look a bit 'goth'. When they built up their performance confidence, they became the ultimate party girls. Remember the Jonathan Ross interview? He looked terrified! Sara was clearly off her nut!
  3. They were born out of the ashes of Punk and that has always informed their attitude, particularly in relation to how they best feel they should be represented commercially and have always maintained that edge, even after a 30+ year Career. Unlike someone like Ellie Goulding (for example), who 'sold out' in the first 5 minutes of hers.
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  4. It's fantastic having all the lyrics at long last, I've been proudly singing along with wrong words for about 20 years! I'm delighted to stand corrected!
  5. Yes I am too loving having all the lyrics. I am still embarrassed that I had the Na Na Hey Hey lyrics so wrong for so long.

    I think i prefer the USA 7" mix of Really Saying Something. I had never heard these USA remixes before today. Wasn't there also a special USA mix of the A Trick of The Night single? It is a real shame the actual UK 7" Mix of A Trick of The Night is not on these remasters. I would rather that than the dub mixes which I doubt I will ever play.

    That is my only moan. I am loving these CDs! The booklets are so well done too.

    I wish we had a Warts and all book about Bananarama or even a book about all the recording sessions (like they did for Abba). It would make really good reading. I didn't think we would ever have all their music videos on DVD so maybe we will get a book one day. I know it won't be an autobiography as they have such poor memories over certain things but would be happy with a biography a bit like the recent one for Kate Bush.
  6. Maybe that wasn't included (along with things like the 7" version of More Than Physical) as they were on the 30th Anniversary Greatest hits?
  7. I am in complete agreement with Anfunny as I could also cry with joy at these CDs. They are impeccable and a dream, to hear tracks like Some Boys, a 12" of Is She Good To You and the Spanish Movin' On, which are the stuff of legend for many years, is amazing. I think everyone involved for these things of great beauty. Everything sounds so fresh and the care and attention to detail is evident. Yay!!!
  8. But neither of them were on the 30th Anniversary CD.
  9. Ah of course - bad memory! So the only place they've been remastered is on the 2007 remasters?
  10. No. Neither were on the 2007 remasters due to mistakes. The So-called UK 7" mix of More than Physical on the 2007 remaster is actually a different 'wordwide' mix. Also they put the SAW remix of A Trick of the Night and called it the 7" remix - but it wasn't.

    The proper UK 7" remix of A Trick on The Night was last on (some versions) of the Greatest Hits Collection, which is very quiet and not remastered sadly. However I only have the cassette version so the track is not on there at all.
  11. I'd guess these mixes will end up on the thing they've been hinting about releasing next, along with all the Love, Truth & Honesty stuff.
  12. There is a "technicial" issue with my Amazon order which has delayed its shipment. "Technical" is very vague, but Amazon is going to refund my delivery charges which is a nice gesture. Anyone having this problem? Must be a trick of the night.
  13. Is there a glitch at 2.33 on Some Girls on Wow CD1? Or was that always a dodgy edit on the original album?

    It reminds me of those ropey edits on the 7" of Mel & Kim's "Showing Out".
  14. That is part of the mix and not a glitch
  15. I notice Nathan Jones on the album version of Wow! clocks in at 5.34. On the vinyl and other CD versions it stands at 5.12. Where did the extra 20-odd seconds come from?!
  16. As Tom Parker has gone on record saying he went back to the original Un-EQ'd, half inch master reel (wherever possible), I think it's safe to assume this is one of those occasions he referred to in his SDE interview where he sometimes made a different decision from the original studio engineer in 1987, in this instance by being more generous in not pulling the faders down on the mix for another 22 secs on the finished mix.

    I find this to be a very welcome decision, the original 1987 studio engineer is not necessarily the same person who mixed the track at that time and Tom is simply taking the (correct) decision, to place the end of the track where the original 1987 mixer wanted it (not the 1987 studio engineer), which is the edit that has been available on 'Wow' upto this point.

    It is especially appreciated Tom has done this (particularly when you consider that with this being a deluxe edition), the disc space is at a higher premium than previous editions of 'Wow'.
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  17. I have the WOW remaster and it is the same mix yes.
  18. Yes, I only skimmed that interview on SDE. That's probably the reason why Nathan Jones is a little longer. Have to say, echoing everyone else, these deluxe editions are spectacular in every way. Many acts who are far bigger than Bananarama never get to see their back catalogue treated with so much respect. And they are so cheap! Especially if you got them from Sainsburys! But even at £12.99/14.99 they're a snip. It's a shame the girls themselves couldn't work up a little enthusiasm for these lovingly produced reissues...
  19. Track 9 on Wow! Is the Bass Tone Mix of Nathan Jones from the US 12"' which is the album version with approximately 29 seconds more. The booklet confirms this in the notes saying where this mix was first issued. I paid a lot for the US 12" believing it was a completely different mix and was disappointed when it was only a very slightly longer album version. A great decision by Tom to put this mix rather than the usual album version which was on the 2007 remaster, I'm pleased to get this mix remastered on CD!
  20. Not really connected to the new re-issues, but can anyone confirm if the re-recorded version of Robert De Niro's Waiting that appeared on the 2000 GAY compilation is the same as the one on Exotica? If Wikipedia is to be believed, they're both different. But I can't seem to find out any info on the original GAY compilation apart from Wikipedia.
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