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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Yes, they're different mixes, and of the two, I far prefer the 'G.A.Y' one.
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    I'm really surprised that G.A.Y. compilation from 2000 isn't on Discogs, considering the amount of far more obscure stuff they list.
  3. Thanks manloveuk.

    Discogs was my first port of call! Like I said, sadly Wikipedia is the only place where I can find info on it.
  4. Anyone able to post some booklet pics while I wait forever in the USA?
  5. Allmusic has a page for it, including clips. (It doesn't show the mix names, though.)

    There was a minute-long clip on the old Bananarama website, but sadly, it's gone with the new version, and it's not archived on the Wayback Machine.
  6. I've just realised why we didn't get Changes on the Please Yourself reissue while reading the booklet. It sounds like Changes was recorded after Bananarama had parted company from London Records, therefore it isn't owned by Warner's. Gutting as I guess this means it's unlikely it will see a release.
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    It's really awful don't worry!
  8. I really like the sound of it from the clip we heard and really hope it finds its way off the PWL DAT tape at some point in the future!
  9. Amazon US showing "Temporarily out of stock" on the most of the re-issues. Deep Sea Skiving, Pop Life and Please Yourself at +$30!
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  10. Just buy them from the UK site.

    I finally caved in earlier this week and ordered all of them after seeing the amazingness that was WOW!
  11. I ordered them all yesterday from Amazon with next day delivery and they're still not here. Gutted!
  12. SockMonkey

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    If it definitely said they'd be there today, then send them a message and they'll likely refund the delivery charge.
  13. I am listening to True Confessions for the first time (the deluxe edition thingy arrived a few days ago) and I am loving it.
  14. Reading the liner notes in the True Confessions re-issue and I'm floored that the label wanted to keep the True Confessions momentum going - so that's why they commissioned the "Ready Or Not" remixes. As much as I would have enjoyed seeing "Ready Or Not" get released, I would have much preferred "Promised Land" getting released!

    I think the world would be a better place if "More Than Physical" and "A Trick Of The Night" were bigger hits.
  15. A few of these can be addressed as thus;

    Cruel Summer (Swing Beat Extended Mix) Doesn't exist. The 12" A-side is Swing Beat Dub, which is on the new 2nd album re-issue.
    Scarlett (Extended Mix) Is on new True Confessions re-issue - ie. 5:19 as per 12", not 4:14 as per 7" & 2007 re-issue.
    Amnesia (7" Mix) Not sure this exists either? Never released/documented/rumoured previously.
  16. I agree with everything you say here. I like Ready or Not but Promised Land is clearly single material. Plus it has quite a different sound from Do Not Disturb and Trick of the Night (which Ready or Not is quite similar to), both of which flopped. It seems an odd decision.
  17. I've played the Deep Sea and Bananarama DVDs and both seem slightly out of sync. Especially on the promo videos. Has anyone else noticed this?
  18. 'Amnesia' is referred to as '12" Extended Mix', therefore I reasonably choose to believe this title is an indication a 7" edit exists. I am aware that PWL usually started tracks off by developing them in 12" form, before editing them down and I have no reason to suspect 'Amnesia' would be an exception to that rule, particularly as an edit would be more appropriate for a T.V. Show theme tune, all of the above I considered, back when I wrote that post.

    As 'Scarlett', is actually 'Scarlett (Extended)', that is good as it means that as this is is a totally separate project from Rhino, and Scarlett' (7" Mix), is shorter, it would therefore take up less room on a forthcoming Anthology.

    Can anyone confirm if 'The Swing Beat Dub', of 'Cruel Summer' on the new reissue of 'Bananarama', is the same (or different), from the vocal based mix, detailed as 'The Swing Beat Version', from Disc 2, track 4, of the 1993 Edition of 'Please Yourself' lasting 5 mins 19 secs ?
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  19. It's identical. The bonus CD from the limited Please Yourself edition has no mix name for Cruel Summer, however. It's just listed as "Cruel Summer", but it's the same mix as "Swing Beat Dub", and there's nothing featuring the title "The Swing Beat Extended Mix". The Hong Kong CD "The Greatest Remixes Collection" lists the same mix as "Cruel Summer '89 [Full Length Version]", though. In all instances, it's the same mix and is 5:16-5:19.

    I'd like to know where "Cruel Summer [Digital Mix]" comes from? It first surfaced on "The Twelve Inches Of..." CD, but there's no credits for who remixed it, where it comes from and the date given for it is 1983, which is obviously wrong. I think it's some fanmade thing that the compiler didn't verify before sticking it on? It's all a bit iffy... unless someone knows who/when/where?

    And if no one has realised yet, the DVDs have full length remastered audio tracks on the menus...

    Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Na (Dub) Hey]
    Cruel Summer [Summer Dub]
    More Than Physical [Instrumental]
    Love In The First Degree [Escapee Instrumental]
    Preacher Man [Shep's Instrumental]
    Movin' On [Instrumental]
  20. I have an mp3 of 'Amnesia [7'' Edit]' which is 4.01 and sounds bit different to the 12'' Extended Mix ... might just be fake but I've had it for years and can't see why anyone would bother faking an edit of Amnesia... would be good to know if it is real or fake though.
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