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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. They were also tainted by the demise of S(A)W and I think Jacqui being dumped didn't help either. It just wasn't their time anymore.
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  2. Their first London Records release was the Shy Boy single, but the reissued Aie A Mwana and Really Saying Something were released by Decca/Deram Records. Can't remember the specific details but both London and Deram were basically the same label with different names, but it was decided to focus Decca on classical music and London on pop acts by 1982. So basically they signed them from pretty much the very beginning when Aie A Mwana was re-issued for wider distribution in 1981 after the Demon records indie release.

    No idea about albums owed or such, but I think their contract may have been re-negotiated a few times over the years? By the 2nd album they asked a big advance (with which they bought 3 houses on the same street).

    I guess they were probably dropped, although it was probably a mutual decision anyway with the low sales of their last 2 London albums.
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  3. But Australia has not been interested in Bananarama... since 'Help!', really (their last top 40 single here). Yet we still got 'Ultra Violet'.
  4. 'Lucky' Australia!
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  5. They also toured there around that time I recall? It may have been in '97. When they premiered Boom and the new version of Venus.
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  6. Didn't they also tout "Blue Skies" as the new single on that tour?
  7. I think Blue Skies was later - maybe 1999 as they performed it on the Club Sandwich tour when they did gigs with Culture Club, Belinda Carlisle and Heaven 17
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  8. Who could forget those awful camera angles on Midday when they performed Venus '97 on the telly ...

    And yes, I think Australia is the only place they ever performed Boom live.

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  9. It was '97, around August/September from memory. 'Ultra Violet' was released locally in September 1996.

    edit - yes, it was August 1997 that they toured here, going by the date in the title of one of those videos.
  10. So after leaving it on the to-read pile for a long while (I bought it on the day it was published), I'm starting their book today. What's the general opinion of it?

    I generally avoid autobiographies as they tend to be either an ego trip or a bore. the only ones I've actually enjoyed are David Niven's and Katharine Hepburn's. Hope this does not disappoint.
  11. Ooh I have this too. I’ll join you in beginning it today!
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  12. I enjoyed some of it. They zoom through their 80s heyday far too quickly and spend too much time talking about their showbiz mates. I realise that to pop stars what they do is a job but for fans who want to hear the details it's frustrating.
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  13. Hope you enjoy it! I've gone past the somewhat boring Bristol childhood chapters and now things seem to improve with their move to London...

    I'm not from the UK, what exactly is the BBC pensions department where Keren worked at?
  14. Ha I’m a Bristol boy so that might be fun for me. The girls went to the same school my dad went to (a decade later on, though!)

    The BBC is the national broadcaster, known as being very fussy and ‘straight laced’ in the 1970s – it’s literally affectionately known as ‘Auntie’ here in Britain. Keren would’ve worked in a very administrative role (pensions probably felt very boring) but tantalisingly close to the superstars of the day appearing on the radio and tv.
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  15. Yeah what I meant - "pensions department" sounds to me like the place where you'd invest money for your future retirement and/or the place where you'd ask for disability benefits and such. Why would that be in any way linked to the national TV station is what I don't understand (if that's what it is, perhaps I'm misunderstanding completely).
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  16. In the UK every business enrols its employees into a pension, and contributes to it. Big businesses and corporations (such as the BBC) run their own pension schemes from within the company. An office will administer the company’s pension schemes on behalf of its employees.

    For example, I have a pension from each of the three places I’ve worked.

    When Keren retires, she will claim her pension, part of which will come from the BBC, as she worked there.
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  17. Understood now, thanks for the reply!
  18. All the hits getting one line max while 50 pages of the book about them having pre drinks in the 90s... iconic!
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  19. Great new remix which nails that PWL 1988 sound. I love the artwork, would have made a great SAW album cover with Dame Jacquie.
  20. Next week: Sinitta and Sonia discuss unit trusts.
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