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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. And not even a mention of their flop singles era, from Rough Justice to Do Not Disturb!
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  2. I'm sure they mention 'The wild life' though somewhat randomly.
  3. Are you sure it wasn’t about their Ibeefa antics?
  4. Sara mentions releasing some "Ibiza-style tracks which appeared on several compilations" around 1994-95. Uncredited solo vocals I guess, anybody knows what these Shanghai Nobody songs might be?

    Also: I'm a bit disappointed they don't mention any PWL artists at all, especially Hazell Dean!
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  5. I guess we all wanted more about the music than we got but if you take the book at face value on the premise it’s a document of Sara and Karen’s enduring friendship it’s a good read. I also assume based on their terrible memories (especially with regard to recording) it should be no shock we got little detail on the PWL days.
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  6. Yes... they do talk about the music but not really in detail, I'd expected Sara would extend about the recording of Pop Life, as it was obviously helmed by her, but she did no go that deep into it (except for throwing shade at Jacquie not writing at all - gurl, the BMI site says otherwise).

    Also I forgot they do mention being on a boat with a topless Sabrina.
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  7. The audacity to name the book Really Saying Something only to say... nothing really.

    That fanmade mix of You Give Love a Bad Name is cute, especially the chorus.
  8. Yes, liking thatfanmade mix of You Give Love a Bad Name aloy, another great job by Sakgra.
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  9. Cheers then probably would have been more apt.
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  10. We Like To Party (Bananarama Cover)
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  11. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with the last 3rd of the book. Very little about their music, I don't think they even mentioned Please Yourself! There was a lot about their kids and holidays etc in the last few chapters and while I totally get that is what is important to them, as a book for fans I think most would rather read about the music.
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  12. Poor Please Yourself snubbed yet again.
  13. Yes PY does get about half a page mention by Sara, without really saying anything about it.
  14. Their choice I suppose which is fair enough, but still a shame. It's really not THAT bad I think.
  15. I felt like they talked more about exfloptica and ultraviolentlybad than some of their classics.
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  16. I don't think they mentioned True Confessions at all.
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  17. Which is just wrong.
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  18. I'm not sure why people expected Sara and Keren to talk much about the music. Even only a few years after Please Yourself was released they could barely remember many details.

    That is why I would love Siobhan to write a book as I think she would focus on the music process a lot more.
  19. Hearing about the music, is the best bit for the most part in any music bio for me.
  20. Agreed. Maybe they should have reached out to some of the writers/producers they worked with to provide more details/information.

    Or even their manager, Hillary Shaw, for their most successful musical period.
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