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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Once In A Lifetime is stunning and a should have been a single and then some.
  2. Christmas 88 alongside Especially for you and Cat amongst the pigeons it would have done OK.
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  3. Deffo. Nathan Jones was such a wet fart (and the only weak moment Come Back).
  4. The girls forming Sides I, II, III and IV, scream.
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  5. That’s hilarious. Sara on the wonk.
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  6. "Once in a Lifetime" was such a great moment on the World Tour. Should have been a double-A side single during the Megarama era to coincide.
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  7. I love Once In A Lifetime, but after Cheers Then and A Trick of The Night were relative flops I think both the group and their label were very hesitant about releasing any ballads.

    They could even do a good compilation!

    Bananarama Ballads

    A Trick of the Night
    Once in a Lifetime
    What You Gonna Do
    I Could Be Persuaded
    Cheers Then
    Through a Child's Eyes
    Maybe the Next Time
    Wish You Were Here
    What Colour R the Skies Where U Live?
    Dance with a Stranger
    Take Me to Your Heart
    Middle of Nowhere
    On Your Own
    The Sound of Silence
    In a Perfect World
  8. Yes but Once In A Lifetime was a much catchier / more commercial song and it would've been coming straight after their best chart hit streak, it would have done very well.
  9. Lovely set this would be too.
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  10. Thrilled to see the love for Once in a Lifetime. Such a great song.
  11. Hey everyone I have been trying for ages to create a studio version of Love, Truth & Honesty based on the Motown influenced version they performed sporadically in 2017 and 2018 during the reunion..... Having some trouble with the syncing of vocals and music to be honest but wanted to share my work in progress so far.....I am hoping I can eventually finish it properly....but damn it's a tough one to recreate and mix!!!! Let me know your thoughts?

  12. I’ve just noticed BBC posted this. Nice to have it YouTube:

  13. Genius.
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  14. One of the very best of French & Saunders' parodies - genius attention to detail. That said, it was so on point at the time, I do wonder if in a small way it contributed (with many other factors of course) to a general public view of the Nana's as a bit of a joke - despite the top-drawer brilliance of their post-Lananeeneenoonoo output, Help! was sadly to be their last big hit single.
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  15. Never thought of it like that before, but yes, guess you'll right in that respect. A double edged sword so to speak.
  16. Nah, they had been parodied before like, for example, by Tracey Ullman (albeit it was probably not as big as the F&S parody).

    They were seen as a bit of a joke all through their major label career anyway. Personally I think it had more to do with musical tastes changing a lot once the 90s set in, and 80s pop artists were a thing to leave behind.
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  17. They nearly always made Smash Hits’ best and worst list simultaneously in the late 80s. I think the media enjoyed framing them as not terribly talented fun loving girls who shouldn’t be taken seriously. But the mark the four girls left on the pop world remains indelible, in my humble opinion.
  18. Anyone else a massive fan of I Want You Back? I know the ladies aren't fond of it (proof that your faves have terrible taste in their own work!) but I think it slaps! A great little banger!
  19. Sincerely KSO on YouTube has reacted to Nathan Jones ...

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  20. It’s my favourite Nana song, pure pop but so catchy.
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