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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I just found myself watching the Ramas I’m afraid. Hilarious that the person found those lyrics so deep and meaningful, half of them don’t even make any sense.
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  2. Agreed. Not her best reaction. The only thing she really said was that Sara looks like Annie Lennox. I suppose it was nice that she sang along, too. I was hoping there would be some comment on the spinning. fruit. hahaha. At least she might have noticed that all of the previous Bananarama videos that she has reacted to didn't have Jacquie in them.
  3. I love it, it was around the time I became a fan.

    They don't like it because it is hard to sing, in a higher key than most of their songs.
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  4. Among SAW’s best. Like much of Wow! Just bought another version of it. I need to stop.
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  5. Certainly up there with mine too, total feel good pop!!
  6. I love I Want You Back. The video and single cover are 10/10's. It used to be my favorite Sawnanarama song but now Love in the First Degree reigns supreme.
  7. I've never understood the reason why they hate IWYB (and usually introduce it in concerts saying "We don't like this one very much but we know it's a fan favourite").

    They've said it's because it sounded like everything SAW was producing at the time, but really, the same could be said about the rest of their SAW singles, so I don't get their hate for it?
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  8. I Want You Back, sounded especially amazing in the 2017 concerts I think.
  9. The intro and middle bits of the album version of IWYB is very 'Better the devil you know's 'I'll take you back again' but oddly removed for the single version.

    I think the first three Wow! singles had that classic 'rams sound but yeah, IWYB is very similar to Sinitta's 'Cross my broken heart' (also incredible) and made them seem they were just another cog in the hit factory production line.
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  10. I hardly ever play the album version unless playing WOW! to be honest.
  11. I never noticed any differences, I'm a flop Nana!
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  12. Apart from the 'don't take away..' bits being removed and the bit in the middle replaced with a couple of 'I want you back!!!!'s there's no huge difference. I take the whole 'Jacqui recorded new vocals' bit a stretch. It sounds the same vocals. I doubt Shuv's voice was single tracked to be able to remove her voice. SAW probably got Jac to warble along and every now and then put a bit of an inflection in.
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  13. Best Jacqui single though, has got to be this gem for me:

    Criminal it missed the top 20!
  14. Such a bop though for me its between Preacher Man and Only Your Love.
  15. To be fair, they're not bad choices either-especially Preacher Man!
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  16. I Want You Back, Love Truth & Honesty, Only Your Love, Preacher Man. All top tier nana songs.
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  17. The vocals started being done separately fairly early on due to the fact that Siobhan had an onion sandwich before singing around a mic. I think that story is in the Greatest Hits Collection liner notes. Who knows, maybe that was one of their tall tales.

    Jacquie's vocals are definitely in the single version of I Want You Back. I believe Keren's vocals are pumped up on both album and single.

    Jacquie admitted to never recording Cruel Summer so we knew her vocals weren't on Cruel Summer '89. It was labelled a remix, so the original vocals were used. However, if the Cruel Summer vocals were recorded separately, then it would have been very easy to remove Siobhan's vocals. Which is why the vocal sounds different. Cruel Summer '89 could be the first duo single.
  18. I like Cruel Summer '89 alot.
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  19. Jacquie was asked in that podcast episode about IWYB and said that they always did the vocals together so when she re did the vocals they went in together to re-do them
  20. Jacquie said, from what I remember, to remove Siobhan from Cruel Summer 89 they had to go to a demo version (so the album version must have been recorded together).
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