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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. At some point, they went back to individual vocals, because the Silky 70s mix of Tripping On Your Love distributes the vocals individually.

    I was listening and trying to figure out the vocal distribution solo vocals. I noticed the line “I woke from a dream” is not in the mix. Instead, both verses start with “Straight out of the blue”, which is odd. Here is what I came up. Let me know if you think differently.

    First verse:

    Straight out of the blue
    Looked up to see your face was
    Smiling down at me

    The sunlight crept through
    Painting my room and I just
    Had to say

    Primrose coloured paths lay at your feet

    Keren: Keep it coming
    Sara: Don’t you stop loving
    Jacquie: I’m high-e-i-e-i
    Keren: Tripping
    Sara: On Your
    Jacquie: Love

    Second verse:

    Straight out of the blue
    Drowning in you it's such a
    Sweet sensation and I'm

    Floating above
    This heavenly love and through my
    Mirror I see

    Magic multicoloured painted dreams
  2. Here's what I make of it;
    Keren; Straight out of the blue looked up to see
    Sara (or Keren tweaked); your face was smiling down at me
    Jacquie; the sunlight crept through painting my room and I just had to say
    Sara: Primrose coloured paths lay at your feet

    Keren: Keep it coming don't you stop loving i'm high
    Jacquie; tripping on your love

    Keren; Straight out of the blue drowning in you it's such a
    Sara (or Keren tweaked): sweet sensation and i'm
    Jacquie: floating above this heavenly love and through my mirror I see
    Sara; Magic multi colored painted dreams

    I've edited this post a couple of times as I listen again. I notice the Smoove Mix uses solo vocals also, possibly the same order as the Silky mix. I think the album version is this, with one or two of them singing over it or something.
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  3. I love this remix.
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  4. It could have been perfect if the ragga part hadn't been included.
    Are there any mix of this song (official or fanmix) where the ragga is omitted?
  5. Caught a Bananarama mention on Family Guy;
    2 monkeys are at a music festival.
    "There's no good bands"
    "There's Bananarama"
    "There's, like, one good band"
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  7. I love that they reference so many 80s things that probably go over the heads of most kids who might be watching.

  8. In the studio with Ian? Hopefully new music.
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  9. Yes please.
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  10. Just found these and thought they were interesting for the individual vocals discussion;

  11. Anyone think on the reunion tour that Sara's vocals were way louder than Keren and Shuv's?
  12. Any idea why Bananarama is trending on UK Twitter?
  13. I thought that both Keren and Sara’s mics were way louder then Siobhan’s for some inexplicable reason. Seems when the live CD and DVD were mastered this was remedied to an extent.
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  14. I have always questioned Siobhan being present on Some Girls, Bad For Me, Once In A Lifetime and Strike It Rich. I can’t hear her at all even on the choruses. The first true Duorama songs.
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  15. Some Girls, Bad For Me, Once In A Lifetime are my album cut Top 3 - feeling so betrayed!11
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  16. This has blown my mind - I thought it was just the odd lyric she didn't sing on WOW (ie anything referencing love?), but to think she isn't even on some of the best songs on WOW is wild!
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  17. Just my take but I’m normally good at picking out her more distinctive vocals. Maybe once they had the singles “in the bag” she just left them to it to get the album completed…..I know K&S allude to this in their book too.
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