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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Interesting stuff, never knew!
  2. Interesting - I need to finish that book off, clearly. Flop fan!
  3. Prior to the book they did reunion promo where they went over each album and Siobhan mentioned there being tracks Sara and Keren did on their own. My guess is they recorded tracks Stock Aitken Waterman had for them as a trio and then went off to work on their own as usual. She isn't credited in the songwriting but Come Back must have come from Siobhan (co-written by Richard Feldman who she worked with in Shakerpear's Sister) and I think it's been said Break My Heart was originally intended for Bananarama. Sara and Keren recorded their tracks without Siobhan for whatever reason- either Siobhan wasn't available or they wanted to test duo material. No wonder they were ready to go "solo" before the record company said no.
  4. Shuv does the spoken word intro to Come back so she's definitely on that.
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  5. Yes and she is audible in the chorus very much so too. Her deeper tones really stand out. Unrelated but once you hear Jacquie solo on the Slippry Feet material again her voice is so distinctive on the post WOW material.
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  6. Hearing that line distribution for Some Girls, I realised I've always taken Sara's solo vocals for Shuv's! Silly...
  7. Siobhan vocals were much more prominent on the first 3 albums.
  8. Must have really not liked WOW! that much in comparison then perhaps.
  9. Though interestingly she said during the reunion that of all their albums WOW! holds up best as a body of work. I guess by 1987 she was just ready to move on but in hindsight can see what an amazing pop album it is.
  10. At least with hindsight as you say, she saw the light! Best album of their's for me, pop at it's best.
  11. The way Siobhan put it was she was happy to give her all to one last pop hurrah before moving on (even if it wasn’t on all 10 tracks)……
  12. Which was something and most welcome too.
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  13. Yes as previously discussed WOW! and it’s amazing singles run is unrivalled in their history
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  14. At least Siobhan understands what a good pop album is and what a good pop song is. The fact that she embraced and sang Preacher Man on the reunion tour and commented how great it is, demonstrates that.
  15. Ah yes, excellent taste there in loving Preacher Man. Truly one of their all time best.
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  16. Fans always suspected she would have been happy with the Pop Life album.
  17. Glad it's a Jacqui album though all the same!
  18. In my weekend creativity I decided to remix and reproduce a new of version of one of the least favourite Nana/SAW collabs - I Don't Care. I tried to give it a fresh feel with new drums, bassline, guitar and keys ("borrowed from another latter day PWL track). I hope you like it.

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  19. There's also this early solo Jacquie vocal gem:

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  20. I absolutely love this song!
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