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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Yeah, to me Strike It Rich, Some Girls, Bad For Me and Once In A Lifetime always sounded a bit 'weaker' or less full vocally, but I guessed it was because they mentioned trying solo spots here and there on the album (specifically for Some Girls, I think), and they mentioned Siobhan covering her mouth during the Strike It Rich recording session, so she must have turned up to record it.

    Listened to the album version of I Want You Back, which I had not done in ages (always go to the single mix), you can hear Siobhan very clearly on the verses, or at least I think so. I'm not sure Jacquie ever re-recorded the chorus? It sounds identical to me.
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  2. My thinking is that Siobhan recorded Reason For Living and wasn't around for the change to I Want You Back, and it's just Sara and Keren on the chorus. If Jacquie just covered Siobhan, then maybe she skipped the chorus.
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  3. I can hear Siobhan and Jacquie clearly on their respective versions. The phrasing is very slightly different mostly in the verses. Strike It Rich I cannot hear Siobhan at all.
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  4. Per my requests, KSO has reacted to both ...

    Only Your Love

    Preacher Man

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  5. Well, look what we have here!
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  6. Interesting they’ve dug this one up now after so long. Nice musical arrangement but still not great - Team Steps reign supreme on this track I’m sorry to say.
  7. Disagree!

  8. More Than Physical performance;
    "More than six months pregnant in my case"
    "You've gone Joan Collins haven't you?"
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  9. Terrible live vocals?

    Thankfully they have improved and work as a duo now.
  10. I sent her 'Love, Truth & Honesty' a month ago, so that one will be coming up at some point.

    I'd kind of like to see her do a 'serious' Bananarama song, like 'Robert De Niro's Waiting'.
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  11. I already had her do Love, Truth & Honesty. Sometimes her videos get blocked, and I think that may be one of them. I have the video for her reacting to it. I can send it to you via WeTransfer. Send me a private message with your email. She also did I Want You Back and Help and both of those did not make her account. I have those reactions too.
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  12. Happy 29th Birthday to Movin' On..... so in celebration I have been working on a house remix of this classic. Its very much a work in progress as the timings go a bit off after the 2nd chorus (not sure how to fix this as yet....)

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  13. Okay so only now I’m starting to listen to them and so far I liked what I hear. What’s their essential album?
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  14. The self titled album if you prefer their early sound (I do) or Wow! if you prefer the Stock Aitken Waterman pure pop sound. Brilliant too but I loved them from the start and as such the early stuff is more in my heart.
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  15. From the most recent to oldest, all of these are worth a listen:

    In Stereo [2019]
    Drama [2005]
    Pop Life [1991]
    Wow! [1987]
    Bananarama [1984]
    Deep Sea Skiving [1983]
  16. WOW!
  17. Their essential album is probably their original Greatest Hits Collection. As for their best albums; Wow, Pop Life, and Drama.
  18. Trio albums: Bananarama, True Confessions, Pop Life
    Duo: Drama, In Stereo
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  19. End of topic.
  20. Part 2. When they burst out laughing at the French and Saunders bits and at Jacquie’s sarky comment about “gorgeous old Basil” it’s contagious.

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