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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I would have thought that would have been a cert for the reunion tour! Would have fitted in perfectly in with the section that had Shy boy trouble.
  2. Young At Heart is one of their few songs that we know who wrote for sure (Siobhan and Robert Hodgens) so maybe Sara and Keren wouldn't see it so much as theirs to revive. What's funny about performing Last Thing On My Mind is it must really muddy the waters for casual fans in the audience in regards to which songs are covers, originals, or originals made famous by others.
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  3. Much prefer their original too.
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  4. I just quoted "Well, we better be, otherwise there'll be trouble" in a conversation with my boss without even thinking about it.
  5. Help! is so quotable I think.
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  6. “Nah, it is better with them in.”
    “Well not much!”
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  7. "It's in the can, Pete, that's in the can! It's a wrap, it's a wrap."
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  8. “Shut Up Kim”

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  9. Gays at an orgy:

    'Pete, I 'm a bit toppy'

    'Yeah and I'm a bit bottomy Pete'
  10. So with all this talk of Help! I decided to have a little fun doing a remix of said track with a very different sound - urban meets electro anyone? I think it kinda works in an odd kinda way?

  11. Anything Help! associated is most welcome.
  12. Currently listening to that blockbuster run of 80s singles. Wow, they really are the greatest Girl Group of all time for me.
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  13. We don't talk enough about how massive the title track to True Confessions sounds. Would love them to do this one live.

  14. Epic opener. In fact, many an True Confessions album track is epic:

    Great album.
  15. Venus slap bang in the middle of all that mood is a bit of a sore thumb almost. I mean it's brilliant but doesn't fit in at all.
  16. I just have a bop and then get on with True Confessions. I find More Than Physical more jarring.
  17. Especially the original album version. At least Venus is iconic.
  18. I adore "True Confessions", "Ready or Not", and "Promised Land". Excellent album tracks overall!
  19. Yep, all great I think.
  20. The single version of More than physical is iconic, especially in the scene in Rita, Sue and Bob too.
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