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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Actually, yes!
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  2. All 3 could have been singles.

    Amazing album, although Venus is a different mood to the other songs.
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  3. I love True Confessions. Such a great album. Yeah, Venus doesn't technically sound like the rest but it's the song that drew me to the album, and I loved the entire album when I heard it. The opening to True Confessions is so epic, and the vocal arrangements and harmonies on the whole album are excellent and rather underrated.

    I've always described the album as "moody pop". It almost has a sinister undertone to it. Even the original version of More Than Physical seems to be more in line with the rest of True Confessions than Venus.
  4. Moody pop, is a very good way of summing the album up nicely.
  5. As a youngin’ I didn’t really appreciate True Confessions. I wanted more Venus and less Trick Of The Night. As I got older though I really started to appreciate the album. It’s a total mood and up there with their best.
    The album version of More Than Physical will always be dire though.
  6. I wonder how many people bought True Confessions on the back of Venus and ended up bitterly disappointed? Luckily WOW! did what it said on the tin!
  7. “Trick of the Night” is a career highlight and yet has been mainly absent from this discussion!

    I’ve always loved the album once I sank my teeth into it; it’s my close second favorite after the self-titled. “True Confessions” is a bombastic intro, and then it remains steadily great. I don’t think “Venus” sticks out too much since it’s essentially the opener to the second half/side B where I find the “less moody, more upbeat” songs are.

    Honestly, would’ve been fine with “Do Not Disturb” being left a non-album single and replaced with either of the brilliant tracks from the Edsel remasters (thank God Sara and Keren weren’t consulted so that we could get them!). The album version of “More Than Physical” is indeed inferior to the single version DJ Edit but that happens often with single versions anyways.
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  8. I still don’t understand why they used that bizarre edit of More Than Physical on the 30th anniversary edition of their greatest hits.
  9. Isn’t it just the “DJ Edit” (as denoted in the Edsel set)? I much prefer the DJ Edit to the 7” Mix (the one which awkwardly starts with the ”bay-bay-baby”s). It’s also the version in the video!
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  10. You are right Trick of the Night is a real career highlight. Those harmonies are amazing. Agree too re Do Not Disturb. Either the title track or Ready Or Not would’ve been a better single. (And in a parallel universe they’d have hit ballads and the stunning Dance With A Stranger would’ve had a chance to shine)
  11. The live version they did of Trick of the Night in 2017, is it based on the Number One Remix only? I swear I can hear The SOS Band's Just Be Good to Me in there.
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  12. You hear correct. Siobhan made reference to the song when introducing it or after the song at a few performances.
  13. Thanks! I thought I was hearing things!
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  14. Who knows maybe SAW were thinking of the song when they created their version. I certainly think the Tuesday Mix by Phil Harding is pretty close to Just Be Good To Me in the backing track (I’m guessing this was just before the Number One mix was created using the Princess sample)
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  15. Trick Of A Night is my favourite Bananarama song. It's such a mood and never loses that feeling with each and every listen. Deserves all the love it often gets. And am all about the original 7" mix too alas not so much the SAW version-The Number One mix aside of course.
  16. Yes! The SAW mix doesn’t have a patch on the original though the 2017 Version they did live was awesome and it was based on the SAW mix. The US 7” Version is my all-time favorite though!
  17. Yes, it was a thrill either way to see this masterpiece sung live (along with the whole concert non stop for that matter!), and the same go to mix for me too!!
  18. If there is ever a Bananarama rate, Trick of the Night would surely be top 10??
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  19. As a matter of fact:
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