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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Thanks for that @VivaForever. I can't believe @Baby Clyde gave it a 5!!

    I can't believe 35 years later, I didn't realize it was called A Trick of the NIght. I always call it "Trick of the Night".
  2. Me too. Much better title.
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  3. I feel like the harmonies in this are underrated.
  4. Just realised the guy with the headset on is Bruno Tonioli!
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  5. Love love love this song. It deserved way better chart fortunes but again was a joy to hear it live on the reunion tour.
  6. Sure is, this and Hotline To Heaven, are real gems. To be honest, I really can't fault their 80s singles run at all, hey, up to 1993 for that matter.
  7. Yes probably a reason why they had such a huge Greatest Hits era. (Though I would’ve lost Do Not Disturb and Last Thing On My Mind from their singles run quite happily)
  8. I mean…In A Perfect World (sorry, had to) True Confessions would of been a half and half production with Jolley, Swain and SAW. While SAW were still doing HI-NRG and dance. Things got a bit more poppy by the time Wow came around.

    But both True Confessions and Wow are brilliant and I’m simply being greedy.
  9. Similarly I would drop two but my choices would be “Help!” And “More More More”.
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  10. Given the potential and quality of so many of their album tracks, something they could consider is a Megarama 2 - 30 or so remixes across three discs of tracks that were never singles.
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  11. Few acts can compete with that run of singles from 1981-93 I think!
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  12. I'd have done away with "More Than Physical" and "More More More" myself. I also could do without "Megarama/Cruel Summer '89".
  13. If I really did have to ditch one single, would probably go for Nathan Jones. Still a bop though!
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  14. I remember buying the Canadian version of The Greatest Hits Collection back in 1988. It's by far one of the greatest greatest hits collections out there, up there with The Immaculate Collection, ABBA Gold, etc. It's endlessly listenable. And to think we didn't even get to the Pop Life singles yet.

    I also loved the liner notes as they shed light on a lot of the singles which I don't know about because many of them were not released here in Canada or were not hits in this region. The write-up on Rough Justice only made me appreciate the song more.

    I also loved the Greatest Hits Collection video VHS with the megamix at the beginning.

    I do agree, though, that I skip Nathan Jones as well. It's never been a favourite of mine, although I adore the Supremes' original version.
  15. I always find it strange hearing people dislike Nathan Jones (I guess shows we all have very different tastes and opinions at times)….. for me it’s one of their most ICONIQUE singles - the video, the belting Jacquie O vocals, the choreography, the various mixes (the Dave Ford 7” should’ve been the one issued as a single). Then add in the opener to their biggest tours….. it just holds so many great memories for me (and I can still do every move on request as last demonstrated at Cheer Up in London a few weeks back ;-))
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  16. I don't dislike it as such and it did make an great opener on the 2017 tour, BUT, I feel it was an waste when you could have had an brand new Jacquie song on The Greatest Hits Collection as well as Love, Truth and Honesty.
  17. Not when that was a choice of One In A Million/Love Generation and whatever the 3rd set of lyrics to the same backing track were ha ha - not their strongest work
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  18. If only 'Ain't no cure' was around then!
  19. Yes that would’ve been a huge hit as it’s pure class. The only “demo” from those ‘88 sessions I do think had more potential was Don’t Throw It All Away. Nice melody and lyrics.
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  20. On indeed, bop!!
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