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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Oh wow Don't Throw It All Away (I'd never heard before I think?) is decent and very Enjoy Yourself as the comments mention.
  2. The interview portion of this is a MESS

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  3. haha this IS the French and Saunders sketch!
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  4. When I first heard “Nathan Jones” I thought it was shit but that chorus was such an ear worm it begrudgingly creeped up as a solid enjoyable track for me. In saying that, I was so disappointed it was the show opener.
  5. What would you have gone for? My alternative choice would’ve been Cruel Summer with that extended drum intro.
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  6. Yes! I always prefer that a Greatest Hits setlist be bookended by the most iconic hits. Them not doing “Venus” as the encore also took me by surprise.
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  7. Cruel Summer to open, Venus to close.
  8. Yes I always thought Venus should have closed the shows. I mean I know it wasn’t their highest UK hit but it’s certainly their most played/best remembered. Though I have to say the tweaks to the summer shows with Na Na Hey Hey closing worked well.
  9. Love In The First Degree felt like the perfect closer for me.
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  10. middle bop
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  11. Cruel Summer is too good to be on first and be missed by the stragglers, it needs to be mid set for an energy boost. I think Nathan Jones is fine as an opener. A familiar song that nobody minds missing a bit of settling in.

    I thought it was a great idea at the opening night of the reunion tour where they had an extended intro with 3 or 4 of their most famous hits being teased before launching into Nathan Jones, it certainly had the audience engaged straight away.
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  12. Nathan Jones, I think, is a way for them to start the show with a Stock Aitken Waterman track that sounds like it fits with their earlier material (which the tour sticks to for the first half otherwise). Nathan Jones is used in a similar way on their 1988 Greatest Hits to transition from the newer material to the older.
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  13. I would have loved True Confessions as the opener with an extended intro like the album.

    And in the middle, Preacher Man (Extended Sermon Mix)
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  14. Can we just have a 1991 Pop Life tour complete with Jacquie, their aesthetic then (I’m talking big hair, leather, fishnets etc) with extended remixes and intros by Shep Pettibone, Steve Hurley and the likes?

    In all seriousness they could do a U.K. club tour of this and the gays would go wild.

    I resurrect this topic every few pages I realise.
  15. I'm all for a reunion with Keren, Sara, and Jacquie. That would be deeply fab. I think if had the pandemic not happened this year, we might have had it. But who knows ...

    I just published the Pop Life Fanzine dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Tripping On Your Love. We did a 30th anniversary special for all of the Pop Life singles. You can download all 4 fanzine PDFs at the Poptastic Confessions page here ... Enjoy!~
  16. I feel they'd have reunited with Jacqui if it brought in the money the original line up tour did. But it likely won't so they likely won't.
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  17. They did an Instagram live thing today answering fan questions, I only caught the later part of it but Keren did say (in answer to if they listen to their own music) that they were listening to a new track they recorded that they really like, but she doesn't know where it will end up yet.
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  18. Oh I think if they timed it right (pre Xmas) and the right size of venue they could sell a lot of tickets. I know not the same hysteria as Siobhan but the hardcore would be out on force (for me Jacquie was part of the line up when I discovered them properly so there is a nostalgia and an initial run of decent sized hits) plus add in the casuals actually probably wouldn’t care as long as there were 3 bananas…. I know that might sound shallow but ask any “Karen” or “Sandra” to name the members on a Xmas night out they wouldn’t be able to tell ya - just sing along to the songs they love and bring back memories.
  19. As a very casual fan who got into them properly from their last reunion and onwards, there really is much more of a draw for me to see them with either S or J. They just look *it* as a united trio, rather than the duo.
  20. I agree, the hardcore would love to see Dame Jacquie back in the fold doing the Pop Life singles, and the casuals wouldn't care as long as they got Venus!
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