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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Sara is particularly proud of Pop Life and it was interesting to see her thinking aloud in the book about how a second Jacquie album might have panned out with Jacquie more involved with the writing as they would all have knew each other better by then.
  2. The biggest issue I have with Please Yourself (other than it simply not being that good, sorry) is that musically and visually it was such a step back from Pop Life. In less than a year, whatever edge they had arguably attempted at crafting with Pop Life and their look was replaced with two thirds of SAW and feather boa’s!
    It was sad.
  3. And launching the campaign the same year Shuv was at her most successful and creative made it look even more basic.
  4. “their look was replaced with two thirds of SAW and feather boa’s!
    It was sad.”

    I just nearly collapsed laughing at that @Omead
  5. I enjoy Please Yourself alot and proud of the fact!
  6. I do too (except Last Thing On My Mind - I’d replace that with the far superior b side Another Lover) BUT I do recall being Shocked (DNA Remix) that they regressed their sound after being so daring with Pop Life. It’s like the albums were the wrong way around in the release schedules.
  7. After the Pop Life singles bombed you can't blame them for going back to Uncle Pete (sadly their moment had passed so that didn't work either).

    I really enjoy Please Yourself - Pop Life has higher highs but much lower lows whereas Please Yourself is a very consistent listen. I feel it meets the "ABBA on speed" brief.
  8. Is She Good To You, is such a lost single that should have been.
  9. Although I always wish the ladies well I was pleased Please Yourself didn’t do better than the Pop Life era so that nobody could blame Jacquie for the slightly lower chart positions that followed Wow.
  10. I forgot what thread I clicked on and thought this was about Enjoy Yourself and was like “mess.”

    Side A of Please Yourself is amazing, honestly right up there with WOW! and Drama. (I love Last Thing on My Mind and don’t get why it’s so disliked here.) Side B is kind of dreadful though.
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  11. Yes, I really do enjoy their original version of Last Thing On My Mind too-Steps made it their own though.
  12. I've grown to like Please Yourself but at the time was hugely disappointed.

    Vocally it wasn't as strong, the use of male backing vocals could not replace Jacquie. The production was limp, but it is cute. I enjoy it now......well not Let Me Love You One More Time, that song is dire.

    I don't mind Last Thing On My Mind, but is is quite similar to Movin' On, just not as good.
  13. Even the two ballads on Please Yourself, are quite enjoyable I think, if very much of their time.
  14. Island

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    Drama was a bit ahead of its time.
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  15. Aeschylus at the beginning of the 5th century:
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  16. Island

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    You have one of these for everything, don't you? Love it.
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  17. I genuinely love “Movin’ On” but the rest of the album just falls flat and even at 10 songs I can’t tell you how anything goes other than the singles (though one is due to it being a terrible cover of a classic Disco song) and “Is She Good to Yooooooooooooooooou?”. Legitimately can’t even give you a note of the other 6 songs.
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  18. Some albums you want a deluxe with more tracks, some albums get it about right, some albums outstay their welcome and shoulda been an EP at best.

    Please Yourself is a one-track single.
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  19. Add me as another lover of Please Yourself, I love Pop Life, especially the singles and the 2 SAW songs but the rest I’m not so fussed on.
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  20. Treat Me Right is a great glimpse to what a proper follow up to Pop Life might have sounded like.
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