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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Add me to the Please Yourself fan club - I love every track bar Last Thing On My Mind and the awful Let Me Love You One More Time. Is She Good To You, Only Time Will Tell, Give It All Up For Love and I Could Be Persuaded are all amazing! Love the latter day PWL production too.
  2. Is She Good To You, is divine. 7" mix even more so.
  3. I love Meglomaniac and I Can’t Let You Go.

    The only Pop Life era song I dislike is Heartless.
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  4. “Heartless” is a bop! Can’t believe its so unpopular.
  5. Oh yes, very good bop that. Guess it being an CD only bonus track at the time, didn't help in it's favour though.
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  6. As a child I had Pop Life on cassette and it didn’t have either Heartless or I Can’t Let You Go. As a result I never actually heard either till maybe 5 years ago or so. Had no idea they existed. Neither particularly excite me and every single other song on Pop Life squashed them in my humble opinion.
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  7. My cassette had I Can’t Let You Go but despite loving the majority of the album I didn’t often get that far!!!!
  8. Add me as someone who also prefers Please Yourself to Poplife. Great pop album that was just released 3 or 4 years too late.
  9. In a way, that sort of makes me like it even more, the Hit Factory past it's time sound. Same reason I quite stan the Boy Krazy album too.
  10. The Boy Krazy album is amazing, like you say it was so behind the times but I didn’t listen to either albums until quite recently so it made no difference to me.
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  11. Another reference on Family Guy
  12. This still slaps

    The best Duorama song?

  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m genuinely surprised Pete didn’t have Steps cover Heartless.
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  14. Hmmmm…

    Obligatory mention of a prayer circle that Siobhan has been welcomed back for new material!
  15. New album for 2022?
  16. Most welcome if so.
  17. Pop Life tour with Jacquie for 2022?

    Yes please!
  18. Could be a video and some new remixes for Baby It's Christmas?
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  19. I hope it is a new album. Love In Stereo did pretty well for a duo album.

    There has been a few hints they have been recording, and the book it out of the way now.

    *fingers crossed*
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  20. During the online book release party, they said there would definitely be something for the 40th anniversary. Not sure which release's anniversary they would go by though ("Aie A Mwana", Deep Sea Skiving?).
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