Purely speculation, but I remember them hinting about working on some music with Sara’s daughter Alice and I noticed that a couple of days ago they posted a photo of Alice dressed in green (which seems to be a theme for whatever this project is).
Madness it's 4 years already!! Still one of the greatest concerts I've ever seen too.
Agree on both fronts.
The chaotic euphoric energy of the Steps and Rams tours overlapping was quite something.
(At one point we did Steps Brighton-Bananas Nottingham-Steps London on consecutive nights and I’m not sure I could do that 4 years on) (although very happy to give it a go if the pop gods/Sara/Keren/Peter Loraine are listening)
That reunion gig was up there with some of the best gigs I've been to. The buzz in the bars beforehand was electric - a level of public love and respect for Bananarama I'd not seen since the 80's and the gig itself was equally incredible. My only regret was passing on the coloured vinyl of the tour (the only one of their coloured vinyls I don't have), but I'm calling black a colour in this instance, haha.

There's so much scope for what Bananarama can bring in 2022 and I do hope whatever they've got planned for their 40th anniversary year does their legacy justice. I'll not hold my breath, but a return of Siobhan in some capacity again would be just wonderful.
I don’t think Siobhan has publicly said anything about the years after her departure musically (other than Preacher Man) but she did state that despite the agro around the recording that of all their albums WOW! was the best/most consistent in hindsight. The fact she performed all the SAW material (including of course Love, Truth & Honesty at opening night then again during the summer shows) make me think her pop sensibilities win through every time despite a preference for the darker material she made as Shakespears Sister. Bear in mind it was also Siobhan who lead them to record with SAW in the first place with Venus since she loved the Dead or Alive sound so much!