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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. It's crazy how much the time has flown by since their amazing reunion concerts! Still such a show, and brings back so many fantastic memories.
  2. How about just the title of the song?
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  3. I have been doing some more remixes and making music the last week or so...
    This started out as a remix of The Runner which they covered in 2009 but that was blocked due to copyright so I tried out my backing track with their absolute classic Venus and this is the result!

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  4. Sincerely, KSO has reacted to 2 more Bananarama videos!

    Long Train Running ...

    Tripping On Your Love ...

  5. Hoping that if Last Thing On My Mind could make an appearance on their setlists in 2021, Tripping On Your Love could appear in 2022.
  6. Still waiting for “Only Your Love 20XX”.
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  7. The Ramas are featured in the latest Classic Pop magazine, which has an album-by-album retrospective.
  8. Might have to buy this for the first time in years! Is it every album or does it stop at Please Yourself?
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  9. In Stereo, deserves a feature too I think for sure.
  10. It’s every album, including the, ahem, French Project.
  11. So, very much definitive then!
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  12. Truly still such a BOP-and one of their best ever singles for me.
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  13. How fabulous do I look?
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  14. Currently listening to a playlist of my favourite album tracks of theirs from the 80s and 90s. So many gems!
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  15. My favourite album tracks, all single worthy.
  16. Once In A Lifetime. Perfect pop ballad.
  17. It would have made a great winter single with the Rams walking round in the snow in black and white looking moody.
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  18. Yes, could and so should have been an single circa Xmas 1987, with I Can't Help It as a double A-Side.
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  19. I agree but haven’t they even commented that they know their slower songs don’t do well? Despite them being amazing by the way! I think after a few attempts they probably decided to keep the music uptempo but have melancholy lyrics when suited. Love Truth & Honesty being an example.
  20. BAD FOR ME though.
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