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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I prefer…

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  2. Some Girls would have been a phenomenal single. I like the freestyle vibe to it so much.
  3. You can easily imagine Exposé singing Some Girls ie amazing!
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  4. I think Some Girls may be my favourite song from WOW! and that's saying something considering the other classics on that album. I think the vocal arrangements on this song are some of their best.
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  5. I'm hoping they manage to get the Move in My Direction video back up. Only the fan uploads remain and it seems to be their only video that's vanished from London's YouTube channel.
  6. Yeah, K&S say in their memoir that after Cheers Then flopped so hard, they never tried a slowie again.
  7. Which is dumb cause Once In A Lifetime is a boppy slowie.
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  8. It is a shame because they have some amazing slow tracks, Cheers Then is one of my favourite songs, and the video is hilarious.
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  9. I never cared for Cheers Then but Rough Justice and Trick Of The Night deserve way more than they got
  10. Once they performed Rough justice at the reunion concert I knew they were pretty much going to do everything as I had wondered whether they'd include it as it's so 'dark' but it's an absolute favourite of mine so I was buzzing.
  11. I used to hate Rough Justice (yes, I know!!), but now I fully stan-criminally underrated! Love the music video for it too.
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  12. Rough Justice, Once in a Lifetime, Cheers Then, A Trick of the Night, and What You Gonna Do? are all top tier Banana for me.
  13. A Trick Of The Night, has to be their finest moment for me. Such a moody masterpiece, never tire of it.
  14. It is 40 years, this year, right? Do we think we're going to get anything from them to celebrate this huge milestone? New music, live dates or something with Siobhan and/or....Jacqui??
  15. Probably another greatest hits haha
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  16. Yes, probably-and I'd still buy!
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  17. Vinyl this time please.
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  18. I realise this conversation has been had many a time so I do apologise, but I wish they would acknowledge/reference their Jacquie years somewhat. She is always treated like a footnote in their history (when mentioned at all) and during the reunion promotion with Siobhan when they clearly said they had been a duo since 1988 was just so disrespectful. They did say this right? I didn’t imagine it?

    some intimate and live club dates like they did for In Stereo would be terrific to acknowledge Jacqui’s contribution. Anything really!
  19. Indeed, my original Greatest Hits vinyl, has seen better days
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  20. A re-recorded Greatest Hits Collection done with Ian Masterson using the versions they do live now would be a great way to celebrate 40 years (including CD bonus tracks A Trick Of The Night and Aie A Mwana as with the original obviously!)
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