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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. That ICONIC artwork on vinyl. What a thought.
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  2. I'd be ecstatic to have this reissued on vinyl

  3. It's truly fabulous.
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  4. I had the greatest hits collection artwork printed on a tshirt and it’s honestly remarkable the amount of strangers that approach me about it when I have it on. It’s always 40 plus women and gays but they’re always very excited!
    A woman at my local Nero said “my husband would love your tshirt”
    I’m sure her husband would!
  5. Great taste - I've got that tee shirt too! Plus a Pop Life one (so I could have Jacquie on a tee) which looks good as well.
  6. “Deeply fab”, surely?
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  7. You can find the 1988 / 1989 vinyl online for 50p?
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  8. I was waiting for this but I don't like second hand vinyl from the 80s. It wouldn't be to play so I'd like a nice shiny new copy to frame.
  9. Discogs lets you pick condition, there are copies in Mint / Near Mint condition here

    Even cooler? A Mint press pack!
    But fair if you only want new LPs!
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  10. I still have my original vinyl of The Greatest Hits Collection. Played it to death. FRONT AND BACK.
  11. Well, you're only human after all.
  12. I think it should be reissued with the original track listing and cover, but as gatefold 2LPs. It’s one of the few greatest hits that I play without skipping tracks.
  13. The Greatest Hits Collection, is one of the most essential Greatest Hits of all time for me. Love the sequencing of it too, PWL era kicking things off, then following with their earlier work.
  14. Sounds like my kind of date night.
  15. Love in the thirst degree.
  16. I don’t have the most famous hits set in my collection but have both of these which are fantastic.
  17. The Very Best of Bananarama has everything that's on The Greatest Hits Collection except the straight version of Help! (since it uses the single version), doesn't it?
  18. The 2017 Greatest Hits reissue with all the 80s classics on (thankfully minus the hideous Help) is literally perfect. Even though I love loads of their output since then that's a pristine album.
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  19. Damn you all. You got me googling and now I’ve bought the Spanish version of The Greatest Hits Collection!

  20. I’ve always coveted this Australasian release but could never justify the cost.
    Especially since I already have the box set…

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