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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. No, tracks 15-21 of the greatest hits reissue aren’t on it but it has several hits that aren’t on the greatest hits. The 30 Years is the most comprehensive particularly the dvd.
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  2. I was so glad I grabbed Megarama for £20 a couple of years ago on Amazon, I’d been dilly dallying and now it’s hard to get new.
  3. I have the Greatest Hits Collection and I have these two as well. I love them all because it's, well, Bananarama and I love the covers for each of them.
  4. I love these two for the music and as Jacquie is at least on the cover (I know it’s because there’s more material with her on it on them).
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  5. One of the best re issues EVER. My boyfriend sent me this as a gift in our early days of dating. He's a keeper I thought there and then, with taste like that.
  6. True, I do like the acknowledgement of Jacquie.
  7. The Works, is such a fantastic set to boot

    Jacquie cover as well! Also splits the 81-93 eras nicely across 3 discs.
  8. Bunch of Hits "GH" compilation is still their very strangest one with this tracklist:

    Track listing
    1. "Love in the First Degree" (Aitken, Dallin, Fahey, Stock) – 3:29
    2. "Bad for Me" (Aitken, Dallin, Fahey, Stock) – 3:36
    3. "I Heard a Rumour" (Aitken, Dallin, Fahey, Stock) – 3:25
    4. "Ain't No Cure" (Aitken, Dallin, Stock) – 3:24
    5. "I Can't Let You Go" (Caine, Dallin, Youth) – 6:11
    6. "Hooked on Love" (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 3:48
    7. "Young at Heart" (Dallin, Fahey, Hodgens) – 3:10
    8. "Robert De Niro's Waiting..." (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 3:30
    9. "Hot Line to Heaven" (Jolley, Swain) (album edit version) – 3:51
    10. "Dance with a Stranger" (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 4:28
    11. "Scarlett" (Bishop, Dallin, Fahey, Seymour) – 4:13
    12. "Ghost" (Bishop, Dallin, Fahey, Seymour) – 4:05
    13. "Rough Justice" (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 3:37
    14. "Cheers Then" (Dallin, Fahey, Martin, Sharpe) – 3:26
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  9. Wait, the ‘original reissue’ of The Greatest Hits Collection from 1989 when Help! was added, has the straight version of it??? I never knew that (having bought it already).

    My copy of 30 Years Of is signed by Keren, Sara and Jacquie and I’m desperate to have Siobhan sign it too. I’ve seen one photo online of a copy with all four signatures. I’m wondering if that belongs to @davearama?
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  10. Megarama is worth it for the mixes of Love, Truth & Honesty alone.


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  11. All fabulous. What an anthem this song truly is.
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  12. I adore LT&H as it is but I can’t help it but feel it would of had more of an impact on the charts if the hot power mix was the single edit. Particularly in America. It sounds so Exposé/Company B. And even in Europe the GH was such a big seller it would of made sense to release the song in a remixed form so people didn’t already have it!
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  13. Two further underrated 80s Nana moments I just been bopping too:

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  14. I adore the Hot Power Mix in all it's freestyle glory. Would have made an amazing single mix in the US in those heady days of Exposé (my second favourite girl group after Bananarama).
  15. For me, the original Love, Truth And Honesty is the ultimate happysad bop.
  16. Same. Definitely not mint/near mint condition!

    (Boring but the sleeve of my copy is the RAMR5 reissue with Help! listed at the end of the first side, but the actual vinyl inside that the WHSmith lady put in from the big store behind the counter was the RAMA5 original without that. Couldn’t persuade parents to return to the store and fix this. This bugged me as 10-year old carlbob… and probably still does).
  17. This is why Discogs was invented. Find a cheap copy and replace!
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  18. Absolutely! When I first heard it I thought it was insane the US label didn’t push that version in America! The edit is also so well done and I could’ve easily seen it played well into the 90s on stations like KTU.

    If that happened and it became a mega hit I wonder if it meant we would’ve gotten a freestyle inspired album in between The Greatest Hits and Pop Life. Would’ve been interesting.
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  19. Any album in between the Greatest Hits and Pop life would have sufficed. They released albums in 83, 84, 86 and 87. 4 years was too long a gap and killed all momentum.
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