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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. An full Hit Factory produced Jacquie era album would have been most welcome. In a way, it was a shame they moved onto The Greatest Hits Collection when they did. Guess they maybe wanted to wrap up the Siobhan years in that respect though.
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  2. It is not me. I do have a duo postcard signed by Sara, Keren, and Siobhan! I was at the 20th reunion show and backstage afterwards. Siobhan was so nice. I told her that I would love to get her autograph, but I only had the duo postcard on me. She laughed and signed her name. Classic.
  3. I quite like Rough Justice, too. However, I played it for one of my friends back in the day and then she starting singing ...

    "Children are starving on the street. Everyone dance to the happy beat!"

    So I have a hard time singing along with the song ever since without adding that lyric. D'oh!
  4. The Greatest hits was released at the right time but they needed a new album out by mid 89 a mix of SAW pop and other producers which would have left the Pop Life sound less of a shellshock for the GP.
  5. I love the Greatest Hits and I think they were right to release it. It was ideal for fans like me who got into them via their SAW material and had a chance to discover their earlier material; celebrate Siobhan's contributions and introduce Jacquie; and give us the classic, shoulda-been-number-one smash, Love, Truth & Honesty. But, yes, they needed something in between, even a big soundtrack single to keep updating their sound.
  6. With this as the cover too boot:
  7. Or they could have followed up WOW! with WOO!

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  9. Even better!
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  10. I waited at the stage door at the London Hammersmith show, but that was the night they had all their friends in for a party so they didn’t come out. Sad face.
  11. A rare More Than Physical tv performance turned up on YouTube.
  12. When bullies asked what music you were into:
  13. Another great Nana gem this one.
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  14. A bit of a mad mash up idea came to me so I took this forgotten 1985 single by Bananarama and reimagined it as if it had been produced at PWL in the early 90s ripping off some Black Box Italo piano and chunky beats and bass. I hope you like!!!!
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  15. Sorry for the double post but I’ve ended up in a YouTube Bananarama fest this evening. Looking back at the original line up promo (pre tour) and to an extent on tour I find it strange Siobhan’s mic is always so low in the mix….. she was arguably the more versatile vocalist in the group in terms of range…. Yet the tv promo for Venus and Cruel Summer sound very much DuoRama heavy…. I’d love to hear their individual mic feeds.
  16. Bananarama popping up on here today means I’m now bopping to The Greatest Hits Collection.

    Collectors’ Edition obvs.
  17. There's barely a day I don't play them! The collectors edition is perfection.
  18. We love the taste.
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  19. Loved seeing their 3 NME covers on their social media today.

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  20. I'd frame that Jacquie NME cover. They look so effortlessly cool.
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