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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I want That “Enjoy God” (can’t read the rest) shirt.
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  2. The quote at the bottom of that NME Jacquie cover just shows how self aware they were. I love them so much for that!
  3. They really do. Of course, that one was also my favourite as well!!
  4. I remember the thrill of seeing my faves on the cover and buying it.
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  5. Brand new music I hope??
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  6. The music in that clip sounds like the intro to Stranger Things!
    Also, I hope it’s a an album/tour or even better…Pop Life anniversary tour!
    Yes, I know. I bring the topic back up every few pages. Whatever they’re announcing though, I’m so excited!
  7. I am READY!!!
  8. How exciting! I hope it’s new music and a tour.
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  9. That’s my birthday so lovely of the girls to have planned a present for me. Hope this is new music and the start of the 40 year celebrations
  10. Oh my goodness, everything about those five seconds is amazing. As teasers go, the music has me seriously perched, and I am love, love, loving that new logo!

    Bananarama back to rescue 2022! I could not be happier!
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  11. upload_2022-4-22_10-16-27.png

    "Favourite," out April 29.
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  12. Oh wow, that might be one of my favourite single covers they've had.
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  13. They look amazing and that teaser sounds amazing.

    But I guess Siobhan is really never being brought back ddd.
  14. 40 years in the game and still stunning.
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  16. I'm hoping there's a small scale gig again like Gorilla. That was brilliant.
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  17. People are speculating this may be a covers album with it being titled “favourite” but I suppose it would make more sense if the title was plural? I’m hoping Favourite is simply an original song title.
  18. I'm hoping it's an album. That cover would be wasted on a digital only single.
  19. That would be sweet if it is and they reunite with Jacquie, still holding out hope for all 4 of them to do a full scale reunion
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