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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I really hope it’s not a covers album. I actually enjoy their covers but I’m hoping it’s at least mostly original material
  2. Looking forward to something new from the Nana's-whatever that may mean. Bring it on!!
  3. Looking forward to Help ‘22 but who will play Lananeeneenoonoo?
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  4. My guess would be a collection of their Favourite tracks they’ve released over the past 40 years reimagined with a couple of new tracks but I’ve heard from people close to Bananarama that it’s not a covers album and that’s not the album cover. I guess Friday will tell, I can’t wait!!
  5. If it’s yet more reimaginings, I’d be disappointed. We already have Cruel Summer ‘89, Cruel Summer Remix 2000 and Cruel Summer ‘09. We don’t need another.

    It doesn’t seem like it will be though, looks more likely to be entirely new music.
  6. If my socials “memories” are to be believed it’s 5 whole years since they officially announced Siobhan’s return for their Original Line Up Tour. Wow! Time really does fly and look forward to this new chapter in whatever form that takes….. personally I’d prefer a new album. I don’t need another hits collection unless it’s very different interpretations some fan favourites and big singles.
  7. Interesting, I really do wonder what it will be!
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  8. I wish that was an album cover (and that an album was dropping vs. a single) but either way, I'm excited!
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  9. That photo gives me serious Please Yourself/Movin On' vibes, which in my view, never a bad thing:
  10. I'm still hoping for ...

    Tripping On Your Love 2022 featuring Betty Boo
  11. NanaBoo sounds INCREDIBLE.
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  12. Hopefully the reveal on Friday, will be worth it!
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  13. Perched for whatever they reveal! In Stereo was top tier and really enjoyed it!
  14. BooNanarama
  15. Sara and Keren would never allow the Boo before the Nana!
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  16. "Favourite," available at midnight.


    "Masquerade," out July 22.
    1. Favourite - 3:07
    2. Stay Wild - 3:47
    3. Velvet Lies - 2:47
    4. Masquerade - 4:13
    5. Running With The Night - 3:28
    6. Bad Love - 3:00
    7. Let's Go Outside - 3:45
    8. Brand New - 3:32
    9. Need A Little More - 3:35
    10. Forever Young - 3:34
    11. Waiting For the Sun To Shine - 4:13

    As far as I can tell, every song is new original material co-written with Ian Masterson except for "Favourite" and "Brand New" which are covers of these songs by Alice D (Sara's daughter):

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  17. Exciting to be getting a new Bananarama album, and so soon after the last one too. Hope we get a tour to support it, the intimate venue I saw Keren and Sara in last time made for an amazing concert.
  18. Beautiful album cover. When are we getting preorder links?
  19. I'm glad they are using that image for the album artwork on CD and vinyl, it's too good just to be used on a digital only single.
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  20. Good news. Hope the preorder campaign and promo is as good as for In Stereo which returned them to the top 40.
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