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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Fantastic news and what a treat to get a new album relatively quickly. As others have said, the album cover is very impressive and continues the camparama we all love them for.
    12 studio albums now, very impressive for the the self labelled "one hit wonder that never went away".
    Bananarama are national treasures.
  2. Their best album cover?
  3. It's a great cover but this will always be their best album artwork

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  4. Not with that font and MS Paint graphics.
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  5. Wow this is all happening so fast.
    I’m (jokingly) predicting that Let’s Go Outside will be a post lockdown banger that samples George Micheal’s Outside.
  6. Those two songs by Sara’s daughters are not what I would expect out of them. I am curious to hear them Bananaramified!

    Also, I LOVE the album cover version of the image so much more. The red pops better than the orange. Look at them taking inspiration from Little Mix!

    Not when this exists!

    A complete, well-designed mood!
  7. I always love that Sara looks like she’s holding Bruno Tonioli as a hostage.
  8. I wonder if Keren and Sara have done their change a word take a third technique on Alice’s tracks or if they’re letting her keep any coin it makes.
  9. They haven't got credits on Favourite so it's likely the same for the other track.
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  10. YES! Love the cover, looking forward to the pre-order links!
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  11. I presume Favourite is just a buzz track and not a single?
  12. Thrilling!!! I'm so excited! Can't believe it's actually an all-new album. Truly wasn't expecting that, as I thought we'd get a 40-year anniversary Greatest Hits and maybe a couple of new songs. Just pre-ordered the CD on Amazon US. The cover is absolutely gorgeous (up there with "Preacher Man" as one of their very best sleeves).
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  13. Amazing, brilliant, marvellous news. Love that artwork and the song titles look top-drawer Nana-esque. Imagine if in their 40th year they deliver the best album of their career (so far)...
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  14. Aww, disappointed the physical CD is green but still
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  15. WOW, indeed! I really didn’t expect a brand new album so soon after the last one. I honestly expected this to be a bunch of cover songs ala their “favourites”. So happy to be wrong on this one!
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  16. Looking forward to this even more now!! That artwork and all it's variations, are just fabulous.
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  17. On their YouTube channel there is a countdown to the lyric video premiering at midnight
  18. There's a preview at the apple link, Favorite sounds tailor made for them!
    ‎Masquerade by Bananarama on Apple Music
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