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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I am loving the preview of "Favourite" , that magic electro sound they do so well is present.
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  2. Preview sounds great. I love the “my heart grows impatient” line in the chorus. Looking forward to hearing the full thing.
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  3. Some of the delivery reminds me of the single version of Nathan Jones.
  4. After the worst week ever, this is such great news to come home to.
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  5. Short but punchy and sweet. I did wonder how long it would be until Sara's daughter got involved in more than just doing their graphics.
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  6. They have done it again! Love when Alice comes in at the end!
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  7. Not as instant as “Dance Music” or “Stuff Like That” for me, but I’m into this dark electro sound for them. It suits the album title perfectly. Ian Masterson has done so much great work with the girls, I’m confident there will be plenty to love on “Masquerade,” as always.

    I do wish they’d work with Richard X again. “Love in Stereo” was my instant favorite on the last album, and grew to become one of my favorite Nana cuts ever. Criminal it was never a single.
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  8. It’s a good start. I need a stylish video.
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  9. Oh this is so good, I much prefer this sound to the last album.
    Honestly if I heard this on the radio I would never guess it was Bananarama.
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  10. The sound works for them. I like the dark sound to it.
  11. I love them, but it's a no from me. I hope the next single (and album) is better.
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  12. I am not sure if it’s that I have just watched the movie or ordered the soundtrack on vinyl, but the opening and closing of this sound reminds me of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy movie soundtrack.

    It’s bloody brilliant, dark, atmospheric with a delicious bite in the chorus. Very excited for this project if this is anything to go by!
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  13. Will there be a video? Is it is an official single or a preview/promo like Dance Music.
  14. I think it's rather good. I particularly liked the Middle Eastern vibe part way through.
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  15. On first listen I did like it and the chorus lyrics are now going round my head so that’s a good thing.

    I do prefer when they sing in unison though - and think the track would’ve benefited from more “breathy” vocals but I know they like to mix it up with solo vocals these days so be it. Good to have them back again.
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  16. Ohh I really like this! So good to have them back.
  17. Great production. Good to hear them more exposed vocally. Love it.
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  18. I LOVE this! Icy, Electro Pop at it's best. After 40 years, they still have it. Welcome back Girls.
  19. This is brilliant, 40 years on and they give us this slice of electropop magic. I think it knocks spots off their previous opener, Dance Music.
    I love it.
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