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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Hopefully nothing sounds like Got To Get Away, the only real dud on In Stereo.
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  2. From the clips, very much like the last album. I like the last album so I am very content with that.
  3. Nothing like that song. I like that song but I think it wasn’t a great fit compared to the other tracks.
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  4. A lot of artists only make money on their tours
  5. Yeah, but it doesn't negate a flop album/era.
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  6. I'm exploring their discography for the first time and loving everything that I hear. So much to unpack. So many excellent pop songs. Consider me now a fan!

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  7. Another soul saved.
  8. Such a rewarding journey! Trick of the Night (along with Young At Heart, King Of The Jungle, Love In The First Degree) is the gem of the first half of their discography, but then Pop Life comes and pretty much obliterates everything prior for me. A masterpiece.
  9. A Trick Of The Night, never loses it's magic. Nor grit either.
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  10. It’s awesome. We saw it on the opening night of the tour then they dropped it because they thought the show was too long but brought it back due to fans demanding it.
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  11. Thank goodness they did, would have felt odd without it. Perhaps their ultimate fan favourite too.
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  12. Get ready to ascend with "look on the floor" and "looking for someone"
    Absolute perfect bops.
  13. I'm of the less popular view who prefer the SAW remix of A Trick of the Night.
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  14. I've warmed to it much more than I used too. Still not the definitive version for me, but the Number One remix, is perhaps their finest 12".
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  15. I prefer the previously unreleased Original PWL remix to what was released, now from the CD singles box set. Nothing beats the Jolley/Swain production though and was lovely to have an extended version of their production on that CD too.
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  16. A Trick Of The Night really should have done much better in the hit parade, but guess doesn't matter too much. The love for it is much higher.
  17. Always love reading these! Thanks for the link.
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  18. Last remix of the weekend from me - the criminally "forgotten" Only Your Love! Here's hoping K&S drag it our of hibernation for their shows this year.... seems to be one of the few we have never had a full live performance of? Anyway - my take is inspired by early SAW band Brilliant, with a nod to the early 90s and some funky disco guitar for good measure.

  19. Only Your Love, is quite underrated. Bananarama for the 90s and should have been much bigger. As should all of the Pop Life singles.
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