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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. My two previously underrated faves (“A Trick Of The Night” and “Only Your Love”) being discussed with adoration? Love to see it!

    I do hope they give us “Only Your Love 2023” on this tour. It’s just screaming to be brought out!
  2. Both had better make it onto their next eventual tour-rude not too!
  3. Bizarre certification alert as Cruel Summer ‘89 goes silver? Not bad for a 1989 #19 forgotten remix only available on streaming in more recent years!

  4. We love to see this! Fully stan Cruel Summer '89!
  5. I am a fan too but it is strange that it gets certified when only a handful of their hits have this status…..especially it being the ‘89 remix??? Bizarre.
  6. I'm a believer that Cruel Summer '89 was the first Bananarama single to only feature Keren and Sara singing. We know Jacquie didn't lay down vocals for it, and that they used the original vocal track. However, because Siobhan ate an onion sandwich early on, the vocals were recorded separately. I think the producers simply took Siobhan's vocal out of Cruel Summer '89 and only used Keren and Sara's vocals ... It just sounds so different to the 1983 version.

    Also, I also disliked that on those glorious 2013 reissues of the Bananarama albums that Edsel did that they included Cruel Summer '89 on the Bananarama album. No, no, no!
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  7. Iconic.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Fff I just giggled to myself for 5 minutes after reading that.
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  9. Was the original Cruel Summer ever certified? Maybe a mix-up?
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  10. No it wasn’t. Neither were songs like Venus, I Want You Back and Na Na Hey Hey all of which were decent sized hits and have continued to get some airplay recognition over the years. In fact very few Bananarama singles or albums have certified sales recognition which is a shame….
  11. In a case like this it will be all downloads/streams of every version of Cruel Summer combined to surpass 200,000 sales but BPI didn't start tracking sales till 1992 so any sales before that date would not contribute to this new certification
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  12. I always liked the 2000 version from Exotica in terms of the backing track but the over processed vocals didn't do the mix justice so I created a hybrid of both using the 1987 original mix vocals (with Siobhan) against the instrumental of 2000's reconstruction.
  13. Exotica gets a bad rap a lot, and I understand it. I do think there are some hidden gems on the album like their revamp of Cruel Summer. I absolutely love the latin feel to as well as the added vocals. It has quite a bit of energy and I just always enjoy hearing it. At their 20th Anniversary Show at G-A-Y in February of 2002, they performed the Exotica version of Cruel Summer and it was FAB. I love it!
  14. Yes aside from some of the cheap sounding production I don’t get the hate for Exotica either. Some solid tracks on there that with better vocal production would’ve been amazing.
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  15. “If” is one of the best Duo tracks and I’m sad it’s left to rot in Exotica. They could at least have done a self cover as a b-side to something!

    I wonder if they can completely remix and remaster the album.
  16. I liked what Ian Masterton did with the newer version of Every Shade Of Blue from Ultra Violet so would be good to hear updated versions of other tracks from the “lean” years!
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  17. I just can’t get past about halfway through the first track on Exotica. When your back catalogue, and music since, is that good that first track just sounds like a piece of shit.
  18. Since they will probably never reissue Exotica, it is time for me to daydream!

    I would love for them to re-recorded Exotica and the demos with Ian Masterson with all new music and vocals. How about something like this …

    Exotica: Reimagined Edition

    1. If
    2. Starz
    3. I’m Waiting*
    4. You And I*
    5. What You Gonna Do
    6. Your Love Tastes Sweet*
    7. Blue Sky (Oceans Of Love)*
    8. Crazy
    9. Sleep
    10. Boom
    11. You Are Not Me*
    12. I Like It*
    13. Breathe*
    14. Finally**
    15. Got A Thing For You
    16. U R My Baby*

    *These were songs on the demos that floated around between Ultra Violet and Exotica
    **I don’t know anyone who has heard Finally, but it appeared on Warner Chappell publishing website at the same time. Co-written with Pascal Gabriel, who also co-wrote Sleep and Breathe.

    Bonus tracks?:

    17. Cruel Summer (Updated Latin version with added lyrics)
    18. Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Dark and like the Exotica version)
    19. Careless Whisper (Can this be saved? Or delete?)
    20. I Heard A Rumour (A club stomper without the Cher vocoder)
    21. Venus (Not that we need another version, but Ian could try)
    22. Waterloo (There was a duo version of this, which was more dancey)

    I did leave off Middle Of Nowhere as that found a home on Drama.
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  19. I'd add "Love, Leave, Forget"
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  20. I'd forget.
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