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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Okay, the instrumental to this sounds amazing!
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  2. Maybe an updated hits/singles discography is on the way too?

    A nice CD book set a la Shakespears Sister's "Singles party" would be nice of the singles discography.

    CD 1.
    1. Aie a mwana
    2. It ain't what you do
    3. Really saying something
    4. Shy boy
    5. Cheers then
    6. Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye
    7. Cruel Summer
    8. Robert De Niro's waiting
    9. Rough justice
    10. Hotline to heaven
    11. The Wild life
    12. Do not disturb
    13. Venus
    14. More than physical
    15. A trick of the night
    16 I heard a rumour
    17. Love in the first degree
    18. I can't help it
    19. I want you back
    20. Love truth and honesty
    21. Nathan Jones
    22. Help

    CD 2.
    1. Only your love
    2. Preacher man
    3. Long train running
    4. Tripping on your love
    5. Movin on
    6. Last thing on my mind
    7. More more more
    8. Every shade of Blue
    9. Take me to your heart
    10. Move in my direction
    11. Look on the floor
    12. Love comes
    13. Love don't live here
    14. Now or never
    15. Stuff like that
    16. Looking for someone
    17. Masquerade
    18. TBA
  3. Love the cover and the clip sounds amazing.
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  4. WOW. Ageless.
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  5. That cover is gorgeous. Loving the icy-electro feel to this era so far.
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  6. This is so much nicer than the album cover.
  7. I'm hoping they'll go bolder and do something like Erasure's Moscow To Mars a la:

    CD1 - Hits 1
    CD2 - Hits 2
    CD3 - B-sides
    CD4 - Curated by Keren
    CD5 - Curated by Sara
    CD6 - Remixes 1
    CD7 - Remixes 2
    CD8 - Deep Cuts, Rarities & Previously Unreleased
    Blu-Ray - 40 Years: Live & TV Performance Highlights

    Throw in a poster, glossy book and some Nana tat and we're close to doing justice to forty years of fabulous.
  8. This is the only disc that won't happen. They both hate demos or unreleased songs leaking and have mentioned in numerous times in interviews. Most of their unreleased stuff is pretty good though with a little polish.
  9. CD9 - Curated by Siobhan & Jacquie
  10. MB


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  11. CD 10: One In a Million CD single.
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  12. CD 10: One In A Million / I Don’t Care [AA Side with Multiple B Sides from the ‘89 sessions]

    This would be amazing!! (But will never happen!)
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  13. Video premiering at 6pm on Friday.

  14. 'Masquerade' isn't what I expected, more laid back. I like it!
  15. First impressions on Masquerade is that it’s very 80’s. If someone told me it was released between 86 and 89 I’d believe them. I like the lyrics but I wish the vocal delivery wasn’t so laid back. Not really sure what I think of this one. May take a few listens
  16. It certainly has that 80's vibe, yes. I enjoy it very much - though I do wish the last part had a little more 'oomph'
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  17. Great single, not what I was expecting either but a strong track. Very excited for the album
  18. That’s it. They actually sound lovely but I wish it went off a bit more in the chorus maybe. The production is really good on this one though.
  19. Looks like it was an edit played on the radio as it was only just over 3 minutes but they have released the longer album version to download and stream. Let’s hope the edit is released at some point
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  20. Ooooh so on Spotify the track has been updated with a loop of what appears to be from the video. It wasn’t there initially for me but is showing now
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