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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Love this! The production is brilliant.
  2. Completely in love with this song already! Wistful & plaintive.
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  3. Now THIS is what I came for!!

    The production is giving the midpoint between Pet Shop Boys and Kylie. I have no choice but to stan!
  4. Yeah, I hear Pet Shop Boys in that production too. No pun intended but I love the 'Drama' of this track.
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  5. Loving it
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  6. My first era being a stan… and this is such a tune. Loving every second of it
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  7. Not a bad track for sure, it has its charm. It is not grabbing me like other modern Bananarama single debuts .....yet.
    I do prefer "Favourite" but no complaints, hopefully the best of the album is yet to come.
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  8. It's giving Sandra.
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  9. This sounds like it's shaping up to be Adult-arama. Good though.
  10. I prefer “Favourite” but this is good.
  11. 2/2 for me so far. Production is lush.
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  12. I feel Favourite is the least Bananarama Bananarama single ever though. It's good but very very different.
  13. The vocals feel oddly under produced on this. They feel lost in the mix of the (actually sublime) backing track.
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  14. I think it’s a moody, icy electro effort which will grow. Favourite was more instant for me but I’m feeling positive about the album.
  15. I feel like Siobhan would have loved these, especially favourite.
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  16. I had never heard the Alice version of Favourite before, it's not bad at all. But the Bananarama version is better.

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  17. I’m a bit behind as was travelling yesterday but just had my first listen to the new single. I like it - the softer vocals really work for me (let’s be honest the duo can be a little “shouty” at times). Good production and soundscape. I would say it doesn’t really scream “lead single” though - however in this day and age I guess that doesn’t matter since they won’t be troubling the charts. Good to know Radio 2 have picked it as single of the week from next week and b listed it.
  18. It screams 'Confessions on a Dancefloor' demo to me, but that's not a bad thing. 2/2 so far.
  19. It's been 40 years, it really is time that daytime presenters stop wasting half the interview asking the "where did the name come from?" question.
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