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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. “So, what was it like when Siobhan left?”
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  2. Yes I know what you mean but I guess they’re glad (and us) they’re still at least being invited on after 40 years to be asked any questions as part of promo.
  3. W2K


    Masquerade is far, far better than Favourite. The campery of it all.
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  4. The Masquerade video shots on their Instagram is giving me Cheer Then vibes and I am loving it!

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  5. "Do you think Siobhan will ever rejoin and Bananarama becomes a trio again?"
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  6. Masquerade is 'single of the week' next week and B-listed on Radio 2 which will garner them some general public interest.

    I like the song, but as has been said it feels like it needs to go somewhere or peak and it just sort of carries on, so nice enough, but I may learn to love it when I hear it in context of the album, and I certainly appreciate them doing something a little bit different this time round.
  7. It looks like the video may have a budget this time. I hope it looks as good as the promo.
  8. So there are 4 of them in the video?! Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?
    And YES, I realise Siobhan and Jacquie are not in the video but are they wanting to allude to it with 4 Bananas?

    I need to move on, I know I know
  9. To be fair, I would quite like that concept!
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  10. The Masquerade video is gorgeous! Best video since Move In My Direction
  11. Stunning. Love it.

  12. It’s giving “AirBNB ad”.
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  13. Masquerade is a bit 'Love never loved me'. Which is not a bad thing.
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  14. Sorry, but how the fuck can we already be only a couple of years away from Drama’s TWENTIETH anniversary??!
  15. I love the video. They look like they're having so much fun.

    Whomever said the song reminds them of Sandra is spot on. Imagine a remix featuring our Euro queen with lots of croaky ad libs. Heaven.
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  16. Another thumbs up for the video here it is great to see Bananarama doing music videos again.
    For we fans of a certain generation we love a music video and Bananarama have done some great ones over the years.
    The "In Stereo" campaign only produced a video for "Stuff like that" and no video at all for "Looking for someone" which was a shame as it is a great tune.
    "Masquerade" is a back to form music video and the song definitely grows on me with each play.
    I am hoping the album is a success for the Nana's as they are producing some great fresh pop.
  17. The more I listen to this, the more I hear references of classic Euro dance - whether it is the PSB, Desireless, Sandra, even Abba in parts.
  18. Should this thread be moved back to the main forum?
  19. It probably gets more attention here. It’d get lost in the main forum.
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  20. I'm not familiar with Sandra, but can hear shades of the other three as well as reference to Madonna's Sorry ("Je suis désolé") and it also puts me in mind of...

    ...which itself is a pastiche of...

    ...which was in the charts just a few months before Bananarama's first single. The circle of musical life goes on (and on)...
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