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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Just watched the Masquerade video and totally get the Sandra/Desireless comparisons which is never a bad thing in my book. Nice to see they have spent some money on this video, they both look great and are clearly having fun. I'd be here for a whole album in that mid 80s italo disco sound. It's such a mood.
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  2. Great vibe to the music video, and both looked fantastic!
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  3. I can’t I hear the Sandra comparison and I love it!

    Great track and awesome video!
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  4. I always forget Sandra is the voice of Enigma too.
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  5. I love that that gave her a sneaky UK #1!
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  6. Oh yes it did didn't it? Cool pop fact!
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  7. I had 0 expectations for 'Masquerade' (I don't think I've even yet bothered to listen to any of the tracks from the last decade ddd), but it's not bad. The video is better than I was expecting, too.

    Their look, combined with the setting, reminded me a little bit of this Australian TV commercial from the 80s:

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  8. At the risk of veering slightly off topic, how come they each have a steering wheel on that golf buggy thing at the beginning, surely that's a potential death trap that must contravene some health and safety regulations? What would happen if Keren swerved to the right just as Sara swerved to the left? I worry for those big-hatted passengers, who probably wouldn't see what was coming...
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  9. No! The Betty Boo thread moved into the main forum and no one posts there. I've asked for it to be moved back to the Comeback Corner where people were posting on it. But it has stayed there and every other week I post something there.
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  10. Let's keep the Nanas here.
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  11. Bananarama really need to set up boundaries with these interviews:

    1. Don't ask how they got the name Bananarama
    2. Don't ask if Robert De Niro was waiting

    I laughed out loud when Sara mentioned Paul Cook and then she had to say Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols because the hosts probably had no idea who she was talking about.

  12. You can see Sara move into the standard response about Robert De Niro (“You know Dermot”)
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  13. I’ve just watched the Masquerade music video, and loving the visuals which tie nicely in with the artwork campaign we’ve seen so far.

    Keren and Sara running around with two faceless women in the verse is a bit weird though. I keep expecting French and Saunders to spin round and leer at the camera, or even Siobhan and Jacquie!
  14. New remix of Favourite out today! WOO! It's the Shanghai Surprize Remix!

  15. Love this remix!
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  16. That remix is what I imagine it would’ve sounded like in 2002.

    I love it, and now I’m feeling okay not buying the album. Maybe we’ll get another reissue.
  17. Just been watching the Masquerade video and I think it’s peak Bananarama. It’s up there with their best videos as it keeps your interest and they just look amazing. I hope we have more vids from this era and we keep this quality
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  18. Masquerade is their best video since Move In My Direction.
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  19. They look truly fabulous, and ageless too!
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