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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I know it was mailed out by Euro Solution to pop DJs.
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  2. Thanks for the info.
    In any case, I don't think there is the same expectation for this album as for In Stereo.
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  3. Sam


    Obsessed with Cruel Summer atm. Does Mirage by Jessie Ware sample the verse? Can’t sing one without the other
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  4. They are credited on Mirage, yes. The production on Cruel Summer really holds up for something so-associated with the 80's.
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  5. Bananarama have a writing credit on Mirage as I think they realised the similarities could not be denied.
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  6. I still rather stan Cruel Summer '89 must admit.
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  7. I haven't done any mixing for a while as was enjoying a little holiday abroad in the sunshine - and wasn't too sure what to do with the latest track. But here is my take - a mix of disco and house... takes away the ethereal stylings but makes it danceable I think...
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  8. My preferred version. Wish this was HD and not potato quality.

  9. Only time I ever saw it in decent quality, was via the Top Of The Pops 1989 repeats.
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  10. Cruel Summer '89 just needed a proper video.
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  11. Not HD, but I uploaded my copy to YouTube a while back, which is 480p at least:

  12. Better than the official channel! Thanks
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  13. Just needed to have never existed.
  14. Anyone seeing the Ramas at Kew this evening?
  15. I’m here and very close to the stage. Excited for 1hr 15 mins of Bananarama!
  16. I almost bought a ticket this morning @nanafan! I should’ve known you’d be going, I would’ve come say hey!
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  17. It's fine as a remix but didn't need to be a single.
  18. They were on fire today. Would have been good to say hey!
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  19. Keren didn’t forget the words to I Want You Back again, then?
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