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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. They should have done a HMV exclusive picture disc.
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  2. Surprised there wasn't more exclusive versions to be honest, could have picked up easy extra sales.
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  3. I suspect that the Bananas are a bit shocked about the success of Masquerade. It is still doing well on itunes downloads (currently 14) and in the CD and vinyl chart on amazon (currently 24)
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  4. I managed to get a copy of the red vinyl from my local HMV store, I’m very happy I managed to get this, after receiving an email from the official store saying I won’t be receiving the signed CD.
  5. They should have discount it to 6,99 or something like this a couple of days ago...
  6. Chalkys might have it
  7. #9 in the update. I’m gonna have to get Alexa to play it on repeat.
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  8. Oh wow!
  9. I haven't had a dispatch notice from Banquet, although their site says they sent out some copies today. Hopefully one is mine!! I'll get some streams going too.
  10. Whatrecords appear to still have the blue vinyl in stock.
  11. Odd and unexpected BPI silver certification for Bananarama Venus on A&G label. The Marc Almond mix of Venus was the B side to Move in My Direction. Feels more likely that it would be the 1986 single but the date is 2005, which is when Move in My Direction was released
  12. Hope they can just about hold onto top 10!
  13. I'm going to predict #13. It sounds positive for a top 20 at the very least.
  14. Probably be somewhere between 15 and 25, depending on how streaming numbers are.
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  15. Even going top 20 would be a great feat for them. Even many of their classic era albums couldn't do that.
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  16. Took a chance this morning and ordered the blue vinyl + cassette bundle and they've been dispatched already! So they must have received more stock of the blue vinyl this morning. Happy to have thrown them a couple of extra sales.
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  17. Who’s following K&S tweeting tonight, in about 7 minutes?
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  18. I’m going out now but I’ll be sure to stream the album in my car. I’ll catch up on the tweets when I get home.
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  19. I did. It was nice to see all of the posts.
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