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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Even if it lands at #25 that is amazing for them.

    It means the last 6 albums have all charted higher than the last and Masquerade would be their 3rd highest album chart position for a studio album out of 12.
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  2. HMV UK website has stock of the red vinyl.... good luck
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  3. Does anyone know what time today purchases count towards the charts until?

    Might send the other half into town to see if the vinyl is anywhere. I don't think Banquet have stock so might cancel.
  4. Rob


    It was midnight last night, your purchases today will count towards their Week 2 number.
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  5. Oh no, never mind. I'm going to have a nice trip out anyway. Hope I find a copy.
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  6. "Pop icons Bananarama enjoy their highest Official Albums Chart position in 34 years this week with their twelfth studio LP Masquerade (22). The duo – comprising Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward – score their first Top 20 since 1988’s The Greatest Hits Collection (3). Masquerade also debuts at Number 6 on this week’s Official Vinyl Albums Chart."

    Not sure if that means they're at #22 or top 20, but either way, a great result!

    Edit: reading the rest of the chart update, I think the above is a typo - it reads in sequence, so they could be #12!
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I think the 22 just represents the year?
  8. No, chart positions are in brackets on the chart update - I'm sure it's a typo on the chart page and (22) is supposed to be (12).

    Bananarama with a top 15 (Edit: top 22!) album in their 40th year. Pop. Justice.
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  9. Great achievement. Go Girls.
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  10. #22 on the overall official chart
    #3 on the album sales only chart
    #2 on the independent chart

    Took a big knock on the streaming unfortunately but still great they are charting with good music 40 years in.
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  11. Number 9 on downloads...
  12. Still not bad considering that there was just a CD for most of the week on Amazon.
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  13. 'Masquerade' the song made top 20 UK radio airplay this week too. Info from Buzzjack forum.
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  14. I think #22 for an independent, veteran act is awesome. I hope Sara and Keren are very proud.

    Hopefully, they can release another album in 2 or 3 years to keep up the momentum. Also, maybe they can pull a trick from Steps and release loads of different versions of the album.

    Also, maybe next time they could work with someone who could help them in the streaming platforms, as that always hurts them in the charts. Obviously streaming makes them little money. So they did well where the money was.

    I'm happy with 22. Well done, Ladies!
  15. Not a bad result overall, and did very well on physical sales.
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  16. This era has been excellent and the chart position well deserved. Their 3rd highest after the first two albums!
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  17. #22 for an album made with pals on their iPads is fantastic. Good for them.
  18. 3,021 sales. Would have been enough to go top twenty in quieter weeks.
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  19. 'Deep Sea Skiving' actually peaked at #7. There's an error on the Official Charts site where its peak it listed at #8 because they duplicated a chart (I think the previous week) for the week it was #7.

    You can see the UK albums chart for the week it was #7 here - - 02 Apr Record Mirror Albums.jpg
  20. You can't compare the albums charts today with the charts back in the day. No-one buys or listens to full artist albums anymore; that's why it's easy for legacy acts like Bananarama to chart well.

    Sure, it's nice to see them on the charts again, but it doesn't mean they're as popular as a #22 album was back in the 80s. They probably won't last a second week inside the top 100.
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