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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I appreciate its all to do with faking the charts and making the album chart seem more popular than it is but i wish that individual tracks listened to on various playlists didn't count towards album sales, keeping numerous greatest hits album charts in the top 20, plus probably helping the likes of Adele and Sheeran remain the album charts for so long as various singles will be on so many playlists contributing towards both the single and album charts.

    I wish just people who listened to the majority of the actual album via streaming counted. I guess if they did that, it would show the album chart is more dead than it is already. Such sad times.
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  2. Nope and maybe not, but nothing wrong in being happy for them all the same.
  3. Streaming is virtually the same as airplay and the UK was so dead against that in the good ole days. If they changed it back to a sales chart that would change record company behaviour and we’d have lovely physical items again. Hehe.
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  4. Nathan. We know the charts are immediately frontloaded, they are to all but a handful of current acts. You don't need to enforce the negative Nancy tranquillsers. Maybe the Bananarama gays would like a drink with the glass still half full.

    I'm just glad they're still here. Could've been busy being TERFs in the Daily Mail, throwing anti-vax obscenities on Twitter, or narrating documentaries about the Monarchy on channel 5. But they're staying relevant, making their following happy, and that's only a good thing. If they get a top 40 album out of it, even better, because that means we might get another one.
  5. I'm happy to live in reality where the girls making the charts at all is an achievement, Probably not reality, but who cares....
  6. Well sales are down for all but truth is no matter what way it came about they still had the third best selling physical music product in the country last week.
  7. Yeah, a top 40 album is very respectable. There are plenty of legacy acts that don’t bother the charts with their new records.
  8. They have said for ages that they just enjoy the process of making music and chart positions are just a nice bonus.

    An album that charts at #22 is great for them.

    Sales may be down or have changed over the years but the chart rules apply to every act equally.

  9. There's nothing inherently wrong with flopping, though. I'm not saying this is a flop; it's just, fans of artists tend to be a tad... overly-defensive of their fave's career success/chart positions. It's great that this album has charted at all, let alone reached the top 25.

    That they haven't done this is probably an even greater success than the album's chart position ddd.
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  10. I just judge their charts positions on what is good for them as a duo (which started out with two albums that didn't chart at all in the UK and didn't get distribution.) Then Drama having a dire chart position. I know the sales are low, but it looks good from a marketing perspective, #22 sounds a lot better than #169.

    Plus they have never been a albums act apart from a couple of albums. Kind of like Kim Wilde.

    The Official Charts site needs to correct the Deep Sea Skiving position, it has always been #7.
  11. Streaming has ruined the charts. Not sorry for feeling that way. Artists get pittance for all their efforts. People feel entitled to ‘free’ (ish) music.

    Bananarama making 22 is a big deal because people paid for the album. They invested in it.
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  12. I agree! It was pretty hard to get hold of the vinyl at both HMV and Amazon all week (well and their store and Banquet too). If they'd been stocked they might have sneaked the top 20. But this is still a good result!

    On another note, I am obsessing over "Preacher Man" again. I think it's my favourite ever Bananarama song. It's just SO good. I'd love to see them perform it live again. Can't wait for the album launch show tomorrow - intrigued to see/hear the setlist!
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  13. They have done such a great job with this record, I've been enjoying it all week. My fave as a duo after Please Yourself.
  14. I though In Stereo was really good straight forward dance pop, but Masquerade is even better.

    More electronic, better lyrics, a little darker and 'clubbier' in sound - and more experimental for them recently. All things I love.
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  15. I have to agree. I thought Masquerade was going to be In Stereo part 2 but for the most part they have upped everything in terms of lyrics and production. And it varies more. It seems they had more to say in this record. In Stereo felt like they were on auto pilot a bit in my opinion
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  16. Amazon did not have any vinyl stock directly through them on preorder. Really odd.
  17. I still haven’t received the blue vinyl from Banquet they refused to cancel because they apparently dispatched it on Friday. Thankfully got a red copy in store at HMV, but yeah it’s not been easy to obtain, my brother has been struggling too.
    Maybe the demand was underestimated or not everything was ready on time, I’m pleased for their chart position, but I also think they probably could have got a top 20 if it weren’t for these issues.
  18. Album launch show tonight! Anyone here going? Apparently they're on at 8pm.

    Can't wait!
  19. Enjoy and report back!
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  20. Have a great time, I’ve been called into work and can’t make it. Drop the set list, etc.
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