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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Hope those going tonight, have a fab show!
  2. I’m going. I’ve got my pink triangle tee on. Say hey if you see me.
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  3. Didn’t see you in the crowd @burntoutcar and was looking. They were incredible tonight, love the fact they did another Q&A too
  4. A great show - and even more laser-focused on “new stuff” than the 2019 gigs were. Every Shade as old as it got!
    (other than that & the Drama singles it was just a couple of In Stereo tracks and most of the Masquerade album).

    The usual hilariously chaotic Q&A too.
  5. I’ve added the setlist HERE for whoever wants to see it.

    I loved it! I feel like now I’ve seen The Original Line Up Tour that covers the big 80s hits, the last album launch very much covered their duo years and then this one brought everything up to date. Now just a bit more of “Pop Life” please ladies!

    New tracks all sounded SO good live. They did all of my ‘favourite’(s) from the new album!

    Sadly no merch though, will order the t-shirt from their store!
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  6. I think it is one of the best albums produced by Ian Masterson as well. More creative.
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  7. Here is the setlist …

    1. Masquerade
    2. Stay Wild
    3. Intoxicated
    4. Every Shade Of Blue
    5. Move In My Direction
    6. Velvet Lies
    7. Looking For Someone
    8. Let’s Go Outside
    Q&A Session
    9. Stuff Like That
    10. Bad Love
    11. Brand New with Alice D
    12. Favourite with Alice D
    13. Look On The Floor
    14. Waiting For The Sun To Shine
    15. Forever Young
    16. Running With The Night

    All of the new songs were highlights. However the songs with Alice D were so good. Really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. We have extra tickets if anyone is available!
  8. What a night. The girls were on fire and the list is fantastic. It was so special to see and hear Alice sing with them. I cannot wait for tonight’s show
  9. Sounds quite an night! Glad those who went have had a great time it would seem.
  10. Sad at another gig and no sign of “Only Your Love 20XX”.
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  11. It was sooooo good.

    They read out my question about Bananatars, would they consider them?

    Friends of theirs did the production, they said they can still tour but Keren also joked it would
    be quite nice.

    They ended with a new mix of Love in The First degree, which sounded fantastic.

    Excellent night. Was down the front and throughly the right choice!
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  12. But they did say they had rehearsed it but that it just didn’t fit in with the set tonight, so we live in hope
  13. Sorry to have missed you too @nanafan! I agree it was a great gig. Really intimate. I was there with the very wonderful @davearama.
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  14. 297525036_10159913919664513_6134462976653582054_n.jpg 297679371_10159913919669513_1114203335389120336_n.jpg 297890919_10159913919674513_1151628265672523232_n.jpg 297754271_10159913919654513_3286339852883749307_n.jpg 297785718_10159913919659513_2730291409812906609_n.jpg

    My friend's pics.
  15. Great pictures.
  16. Yeah they also said they couldn’t make it work live - they needed someone to rework it, to make it actually possible for them to sing it.
  17. Like a third voice…? (Pop Life with Miss O please ahem)
  18. I’d say Alice Dallin-Walker is more likely than Jacquie but we can dream.
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  19. So we will get Only Your Love ‘22 re-recorded with Ian Masterson (I hope!)
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  20. Here for Alice fully joining them tbh
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