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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. No thank you.
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  2. I missed out on these shows as I was in Portugal for work. But sounds like the ladies were on top form as always. Glad everyone seemed to enjoy the night and the new album has been so well received.

    I think Alice sounds great on her ad libs on the covers of her songs but she shouldn’t be a 3rd member at this stage. Her own style is so different from the Nanas too.

    As some have said the missing link now in the Bananarama live experience is some love for Pop Life. I seen on socials Ms Jacquie O has been up on stage with Simperman again for his 60th birthday bash and looking great post cancer and post lockdown. This really would be a good time for the ladies to reunite albeit temporarily for some Pop Life show!
  3. I couldn’t go either as I was also in Portugal for work.
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  4. Ah hope it was a good trip!
  5. I can't sing, but I've always found Only Your Love the most difficult Bananarama song to sing along with.

    She kind of has for a while, doing their artwork, running social media.

    Not as a 3rd member, but they could mix her vocals in a little to round out the vocals.
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  6. Kerry Katona's daughter's impact!
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  7. Other amusing titbits from their Q&A:
    1. Andrew Ridgeley can remember far more lyrics to Bananarama songs than Wham! ones.
    2. They used to go out drinking with Pete Burns after recording at Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s studios near Borough, and Burns would talk them through his latest plastic surgery procedures.
    3. Last Thing On My Mind generated more royalties than Young At Heart did, and they enjoyed the money coming in while watching someone else do all the work.
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  8. And important information to know, Sara’s favourite colour is Green and Keren’s is Blue
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  9. That's interesting info about Last Thing On My Mind. Guess the Steps version was a quite a decent hit worldwide then.
  10. Only Siobhan and her co-writer were credited on the Bluebells version, so that may have been a factor!
  11. from a Q&A clip on youtube;

    Q: Only one can stay; Wow, UltraViolet, or Viva?
    Sara: What's on UltraViolet?
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    To be in the room while Pete Burns was telling Sara and Keren about his surgeries. Iconic.
  13. I think we are now at the point of a new Greatest Hits Collection for the Duo years and I hope this is one of the 40 year releases with a second disc of hits re-recorded with Ian Masterson.

    I have created the following playlist I’m using with the structure of the 1988 collection, replacing SAW produced tracks with Ian Masterson and having newer tracks on Side A and then the ‘oldies’ on Side B

    A Side

    Love Comes (Radio Edit)
    Love Don’t Live Here (Radio Mix)
    Now Or Never
    Stuff Like That (Single Mix)
    Looking For Someone (Radio Mix)
    Masquerade (Radio Edit)
    Forever Young

    B Side

    Movin’ On (7-Inch)
    Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) (Radio Edit)
    More, More, More (7-Inch Mix)
    Every Shade Of Blue
    I Found Love (Rozi-Mix AM3 [Edit])
    Move In My Direction
    Last Thing On My Mind

    CD Bonus Tracks

    Love, Leave, Forget
    Favourite (Shanghai Surprise Remix)
    Movin’ On (Bumpin’ Mix)
    Look On The Floor (Solasso Remix)

    Feels like Careless Whisper should be here as it was technically a single but if this collection was actually released they would clearly forget Exotica!
  14. Can someone please give us an extended “Move In My Direction”?
  15. If should be in it.
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  16. Only if they can remaster it so that it doesn’t sound like it was recorded in a dustbin at the bottom of the sea.
  17. Wow! obviously. Surely??
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  18. There’s some signed red vinyl that have popped up on their store again, I was gutted I missed out on this the first time around so it was an instant order, but this is the 4th time I’ve bought this album now.
  19. I'd be pleased with a duorama collection one day (not sure they'd have the audacity to title it 'greatest hits'?), but as a celebration of their 40 years, anything they put out should cover all of that period.

    I'd like to see something like Kim gave us last year...

    CD1 - hits
    CD2 - more hits
    CD3 - lesser known 'hits'
    CD4 - b-sides
    CD5 - remixes I
    CD6 - remixes II
    CD7 - deep cuts
    DVD/Blu-Ray - promo video's, tv appearances, live performances etc

    Not sure that's on the cards, but one can dream, and they're certainly deserving of a box set.
  20. The only thing I would change would be to include the album version of Love Don't Live Here Anymore as it is so good. Apart from that, perfect!
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