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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. The logo on the single cover bothers me. It says BANAN and then ARAMA underneath. It clearly should be laid as BANANA followed by RAMA.

    silly observation, I know.

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  2. It's a reference, I thought
  3. I didn't know there was one? I'm guessing it just cuts the strings intro, but if its notably different as in how the single version elevated Stuff Like That from good to great, then yes, that too.
  4. It’s what Radio 2 played as I have a recording of its just a bit tidied up and banging
  5. Oh, I never picked up on this. And it looks so much better on these covers!
  6. Did we know they're on Sunday Brunch this weekend? That's a great slot for them.

    More Nana chit chat I'd not noticed before...

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  7. I really hope the bump up the level of the vocals 25% on the verses of Forever Young for a single mix, apart from that a great single.
  8. The artwork this era overall has been pretty good I think.
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  9. It sounds like the second part of "Got To Get Away" to me.
  10. I do miss the days when single releases was made obvious though. It was released and promoted properly and you knew about it.
    In the download era it just seems very random and lacking for all artists I mean.
    For example was "Favourite" an official single release or a taster track release? I assumed it was a taster track.
    Years ago it would have been obvious what was what if that makes sense.
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  11. Isn't that so they can chuck out a song and if it's a hit they can promote it and it's a single and if it isn't it's just a grat track or teaser or whatever. I don't know. I thought Favourite was a single myself.
  12. They didn't give Favorite its own artwork, and a lead single with no video? I was never under the impression it was a single.

    It might have felt a little like a single because we didn't get any other previews.
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  13. This is what I thought also.
    To me it was no different to when "Dance Music" was a taster track for "In Stereo".
  14. The remix got its own single cover.

    Also, could've sworn “Favourite” did get a single cover it’s just that it was the album cover picture with “Favourite” instead of Masquerade.

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  16. Favourite did have its own cover.

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  17. I think the concept of “a single” died years ago.
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  18. We have our answer...thank you hehe
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  20. It’s a weird one because Madonna’s I Don’t Search I Find got zero single service, but it got a couple of remix packages and that warranted it a single? I’m still confused if it’d appear on a single collection?
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