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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I understand that I just find it odd they have half a band in essence as opposed to previous eras where there were 4 musicians plus a backing track for BVs and enhanced sound.
  2. probably budget reasons?
  3. Well, I think the performance genuinely benefitted from some of it being live - live vocals, live drums and keyboards mixed in with the programming and pre-recorded elements. It gave it a different feel. It did feel odd initially but I guess it made it financially possible to do a really wonderful intimate show focusing on recent material. So I’ll take that trade-off!
    And it’s not so different to seeing e.g. Pet Shop Boys, Human League etc where the instruments played live are mixed with programming to play the parts that are literally unplayable (unless you’re someone like Benny Anderson).
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  4. By the way, have just looked at the Forever Young single - it seems to be just the album version with no mixes or b-sides. Is that right? A shame, as I’d like to have a bit more of a reason for supporting them by buying it!
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  5. Is it definitely the album mix? Disappointing if so - who on earth is going to buy it?!
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  6. It is sadly the album version. I was hoping for a bundle. The ladies could have had a single edit, live version (Lafayette shows), extended version and to finish off a club remix. Charge £3.50 for the bundle. At least then people would support the release and own something different to the track on numerous copies of the album some of us own.

    Artist releasing the album version for singles is pointless and they wonder why no one buys the single.
  7. Loving the lyric video, simple but effective given the lyrics. Very well done indeed.
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  8. "to be continued..." at the end of the lyric video is encouraging, but yes, a shame to not give Forever Young a single mix, and it's surely too good an opportunity for some banging remixes to be ignored.
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  9. Here’s hoping radio pick it up as it definitely sounds like radio 2’s cup of tea! That retro 80s sound really suits them. I guess mixes may also be coming… most don’t release all on the same date any more.
  10. If it’s the album version, it looks like there are not a lot of money… if remixes need a remixer (why not trying a fan contest?), they could add an unplugged version or a live version or an alternative version…
  11. In my world, Forever Young is the fourth single. Keep in mind, I have an active imagination.

  12. Velvet Lies is so single worthy!
  13. Classic Pop magazine did a Top 20 Compilations list and Bananarama's Greatest Hits is at #12.
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  14. How I wish there were physical releases for these!

    A new interview:

  15. Every time I see the Masquerade single cover I am shocked that they didn't use that image for the album.
    It's so much nicer.
  16. No music video for this either then? What's the point in making it a single?
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Was Movin On the only time they sang live on TOTP?
  18. Move in My Direction was sang live too.
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  19. And Move in my direction too
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