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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. So what do we think is coming next for the anniversary?
  2. I think there is going to be another album release of some sort as Keren alluded to it in an interview by saying that "Masquerade" may not be the only one this year when asked about the 40th anniversary.
    I'm thinking either an ultimate singles collection or a modern re recordings album duo rama style.
  3. Can see a Greatest Hits for sure, be nice to have an updated one with their past two albums singles.
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  4. Love this photo, never seen it before either.
  5. That session got them the cover of US Star Hits.

    Same day as this?
  6. Blow Monkeys were big in the US?
  7. Siobhan especially looks fab here!
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  8. That's probably my favourite Rams shoot along with the Herb Ritts one.
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  9. A bit too soon since their last one though, no?
  10. Didn’t Keren sort of confirm in press for Masquerade that there’s no plans for a hits collection?
  11. Based on recent interviews it sounds like the vinyl printing delays pushed Masquerade into their 40th year, which threw off, temporarily or permanently, whatever release they had in mind for their 40th.
  12. Keren hinted at another release for the 40th, I think re-recorded hits is likely
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  13. I don't know, 10 years is quite a long time away in terms of Greatest Hits these days-at least for a fully updated one which will be good to have.
  14. How do we feel about re-recorded hits though, with just the 2 of them though?

    Maybe a remix album? Something like Madonna has done recently, with some of their favourite remixed singles? Or even an orchestral album, which seems like the go-to these days for certain acts who've already released greatest hits in the past.
  15. The repackaged and reissued Greatest Hits charted in 2017 to coincide with the tour though.

    I saw one interview where they said 40th anniversary plans may have to be done next year though due to their bookings and the delay on Masquerade vinyl but who knows.
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  16. I really hope it's not re-records. At best they're most often a pale imitation of the original that I never listen to again, and at worst, I'd hate if re-records erased Siobhan (and Jacqui) from Bananarama's history.

    An album of remixes by various remixers would be much more welcome, though again, I'd approach with caution as some of the remixes of the classics done over the last 15-20 years have not been to my liking.

    As I've said before, a Kim Wilde-esque box set with some previously unreleased / rarities, collected b-sides and selected remixes including some authentic to the original 2022 extended versions would be most welcome.
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  17. I know that, but that only covered up until the early 90s, I meant the the last proper new Greatest Hits from 2012.
  18. A Kim Wilde style box would be lovely but with the In A Bunch Boxset and the deluxe reissue albums it would be nothing new. I’d still snap it up in an instant though
  19. Perhaps the planned but shelved 1989 tour live album should be issued? And maybe a TV special/documentary on the group with interviews? That would be a nice and different way to mark this milestone. And in an ideal world (but I know they are very particular on this) a selection of demos over the years (tidied up/remixed to decent sound levels).

    I would much rather any or all of the above than a new GH album or re-recorded material unless it’s to improve Ultra Violet or Exotica.
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  20. I forget about the 1989 live album-that certainly could be a treat if ever released.
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