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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I don't think they have the vocals for that to be successful, and I'm not sure that is what Bananarama fans would want.
  2. I'm not sure fans are clamouring for another greatest hits either, but if they're going down that route I'm just thinking of ways they could do so without it seeming like a cash-grab.
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  3. Orchestral album ? Is there a budget for that ??? If you wanna do it in a proper way, I think it's quite expensive, it can't be a 4-piece orchestra ! (well, a string quartet, Brodsky Quartet, would be fashinating !) About a new GH, it should be a 2cd thing... it would be so hard to choose which past hits to take off to include the singles from the last albums, if they're going for a 1cd thing.
  4. If they are going for a GH or singles review perhaps just reimagined rather than orchestral. Ian could do wonders in updating some of the classics and fan faves in his and their more current style/vocal range. Would then lend well for live arrangements.
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  5. Hits reimagined sound good, but only with the two of them ? Mhm...
  6. I for one would love a duo GH including all the singles and promo singles but I feel like the first 4 albums and their singles have been given as much love and reissues as they need. There are so many compilations already for this period, another GH is not needed.
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  7. Orchestral was just a throwaway comment. Just any kind of re-imagining would be better than ''here's another greatest hits''.
  8. It is also their 30th anniversary as a duo.
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  9. With the last one as a starting point, I can see “Aie a Mwana”, “Love, Truth, and Honesty”, “I Want You Back”, “Help!”, “Only Your Love” (there would be tears over this exclusion from me), “Every Shade of Blue”, and “Love Don’t Live Here” being on the shortlist to be chopped so they can add the singles from In Stereo & Masquerade as well as some new tracks (and maybe even the Xmas song and “Now or Never”). Alternatively, they could just make the criteria that the songs must have made the Top 50/100 in the UK.
  10. Sophie Ellis-Bextor orchestral GH turned out to be just that and it wasnt... really fascinating. You can tell the result was far from the original ambition. So yeah, I think budget for that kind of project is a must from the get-go (or label it as stripped-down, acoustic versions instead)
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  11. In one of the interviews this summer, they said there is a studio version of "Summer Night City" and Keren says they ought to put it out somewhere because they put down a lot of vocals and harmonies for the track. So maybe that is a part of whatever else is coming.

    In 2019, I filmed them singing "Summer Night City" at the first In Stereo album launch show! As far as I know, they have only performed it live once and that is it.

  12. I honestly would love for them to do an orchestral CD, with "Love Don't Live Here" and "Masquerade" as cornerstones. I think that's the direction that a future, more-mature Bananarama should pursue, as I adore both songs. I think that the mood would be a great throw-back to the True Confessions album.

    I could imagine them re-orchestrating their biggest hits (Venus, Cruel Summer, I Heard a Rumour, Love in the First Degree, Robert DeNiro's Waiting), along with some of fan-favorite lesser hits (A Trick of the Night, Rough Justice, Cheers Then, Every Shade of Blue, Movin' On, Trippin' On Your Love), should-have been singles (Is She Good to You?, Feel for You, Ready or Not), and then top it off with some of their best album track ballads (What You Gonna Do?, Once in a Lifetime, On Your Own).

    Alphaville is also celebrating their 40th year anniversary this year, and have an orchestral CD coming out soon.

    I also loved Kylie's Abbey Road Sessions CD (and Within Temptation's Black Symphony concert). So, I think I'd actually really enjoy something like this. If they could attain something along the lines of Sarah Brightman's "Fleurs du Mal", I'd be ecstatic.
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  13. I'll be happy with a Steps style 'Masquerade pt 2' release.
  14. Hell YEAH!
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  15. Summer Night City is one of my favourite ABBA songs. I would love Bananarama to release their version, it sounds good live. Keren is living!
  16. Delighted to see them getting some recognition and respect!
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  17. This takes me back! I remember being enthralled by this - and the resulting A Trick Of The Night video - back in 1987...

  18. A full length documentary for TV would be fantastic, as well as any new or unreleased material they may have. In any case I am excited to see what they have planned.
  19. How about…

    Love In The First Degree: Bananarama with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ?
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