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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I does make sense - AND sounds strange to this 'fan from the early days" hehehe.

    In case you do want to hear more of the duo years, I do recommend Ultra Violet, it's such a wonderful 90s dance album!
  2. I’m surprised you haven’t at least gone back to the start of the duo era?

  3. As I said, I know it is strange, but for me, ‘Drama’ was my first introduction to the girls and what made me fall in love with them.

    To clarify, that’s not to say I haven’t heard material from before this, I have, but it does not resonate nor bring back any emotional memories that the ‘Drama’ era does. To me, this is there starting point leading through to the current album, ‘Masquerade’.
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  4. Perhaps still their best duo song. At least for me anyway.
  5. I am totally In Synk with this (pun intended) for the very same reasons. Although it was a mix of hearing Move In My Direction followed by seeing the girls live at Big Gay Out that made me want to seek look out for the Drama album! Thankfully, my boyfriend at the time did some writing for a magazine, and got hold of a promo copy of the full album so I had it early and got hooked quite quickly.

    I have since tried to get into the girls back catalogue, and own all the Edsel reissues… but nothing (even Please Yourself) grabs me in the way the post Drama albums do.
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  6. And in some ways, this is nice and goes to show that with each album campaign, they are able to (and have the power) to draw in and attract new audiences and fans.

    Fans who then continue to support the girls, whilst also paying respect to those ‘life longers’ who have been here since day one.
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  7. Personally, I view Bananarama having 3 phases. Imperial trio phase (discovered Shy Boy at 11 but it was from Cruel Summer I fell in love with Bananarama), trio with Jacquie and then the past 30 years as duo.

    I love the fact the Girls in all 3 phases have been able to gain new fans and for some of us lifers keep that magic alive across all 3 phases and is testament to just how good they are.

    I am in the Drama camp and think the album is incredible. I lived in Amsterdam at the time of release and had to get family buy the releases but remember just how excited I was hearing Move In My Direction for the first time and thinking this is top tier Nana's. It also felt so wonderful seeing Bananarama on TOTP again whilst in my zitkamer in Amsterdam. Such a shame there was a delay in releasing it and the momentum was lost and the album underperformed.
  8. Move In My Direction is top tier Bananarama I agree.

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  9. Speaking of Drama, this is one of my all time favourite Bananarama songs

    So good and it had some brilliant remixes too

    It was great to see this performed live on their In Stereo tour, was the highlight of that show for me.
  10. New single from ‘Masquerade’, or something else I wonder?

  11. I thought I read somewhere Forever Young was going to be the last one? Could be me just fooling myself though.
  12. I’ve decided those tops are festive looking and it’s something Christmas related. Probably totally wrong of course.
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  13. Could very well be, as I too notice some Christmas sparkle in the background?
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  14. Please, not a Christmas album.
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  15. It won’t be a Christmas album.

    Likely to be either of the following

    1. A remix of a song from the album, or a Live ep from the album launch gigs

    2. Possibly a Christmas single (not a festive album). Maybe even an updated version of Baby It’s Christmas?

    3. The announcement of a new anniversary compilation package…which I reckon is the most likely.
  16. An album of some sort surely, after Keren’s “who said there’s only one?” comment.
  17. I do not think it will be a live EP. If it was surely they would use a photo from the gigs.

    We have had copious amounts of compilations over the years and we really do not need another one focusing on the first 4 albums. I hope if a new compilation is released it only features duo Bananarama songs and features the single / radio edits and a few new songs.
  18. A Christmas album would be great and duo greatest hits would also be great. Just as long as it is something released on a physical format.
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  19. Let it be their unreleased material through the years please!!!
  20. It may be a 40th anniversary singles collection deluxe set maybe done over 2 discs and in book style.

    I would think a deluxe singles collection would go something like this...

    CD 1.
    1. Aie a mwana
    2. It ain't what you do
    3. Really saying something
    4. Shy boy
    5. Cheers then
    6. Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye
    7. Cruel Summer
    8. Robert De Niro's waiting
    9. Rough justice
    10. Hotline to heaven
    11. The Wild life
    12. Do not disturb
    13. Venus
    14. More than physical
    15. A trick of the night
    16. I heard a rumour
    17. Love in the first degree
    18. I can't help it
    19. I want you back
    20. Love truth and honesty
    21. Nathan Jones
    22. Help

    CD 2.

    23. Only your love
    24. Preacher man
    25. Long train running
    26. Tripping on your love
    27. Movin on
    28. Last thing on my mind
    29. More more more
    30. Every shade of Blue
    31. Take me to your heart
    32. Move in my direction
    33. Look on the floor
    34. Love comes
    35. Love don't live here
    36. Now or never
    37. Stuff like that
    38. Looking for someone
    39. Masquerade
    40. Forever young

    And coincidentally that adds up to 40 tracks for 40 years :)
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