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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Well done for ignoring Exotica.
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  2. Hehe well the singles from Exotica was not commercially sold only promo so I doubt they would make it.
  3. I’d want Waterloo as a bonus track, but nothing much more.
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  4. Is anyone here a fan of the True Confessions album like I am? Yes it is not as commercial (Venus aside) but to me, the production is great and the writing is really good. I like that it isn’t straight up sweet pop hooks. There is an edge. Perhaps Bananarama’s most serious album imo?
  5. True Confessions is tied with the self-titled for my favorite Bananarama record. That lush soundscape!

    “Now or Never” wasn’t really a single though so they might as well put “Baby It's Christmas” on.
  6. I'm still wanting Tripping On Your Love 2022 featuring Betty Boo.

    Her album Boomerang is out the same day. Just saying.
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  7. Now or never is IMMENSE though so...
  8. The more I think on it, I really am here for whatever they're teasing to be a Christmas album or EP. 'Baby It's Christmas' is always one of my most played tracks each Christmas so I'd be happy for that track to finally have an album at least.

    Plus, maybe I'm just being ignorant but I don't think there's been any recent Christmas albums by girl groups? 'Hell of a Holiday' by Pistol Annies is the only one I know of, and obviously Destiny's Child but that was 21 years ago now.
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  9. Please no Christmas album!

    I hope it is a studio release of Summer Night City, the artwork would suit it.

  10. I liked “La La Love” better.

    Wait, is the EP not on streaming anymore?
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  11. The font used on the teaser seems to be the same as the rest of the Masquerade campaign so I presume it’s still connected to that project, perhaps a deluxe version of the album or even Masquerade part two.
  12. Both Bananarama and True Confessions are my two favourite trio albums. They are incredible records. I was gutted TC did not perform better. A Trick Of The Night is such an underrated gem. I am so happy I got to see them perform this live at the reunion shows.
  13. Boonanarama!!!
  14. ..and by the looks of it, remixes of Running With The Night will happen according to a reply on Twitter
  15. Same here!
  16. YES!! “Running With The Night” is my fave on the album.
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  17. I'd have preferred Bad love TBH but this is good too. Should be good for remixes.
  18. I really hope we get an extended mix and a club mix at very least. I really do not want one of these remixes that is shorter than the original.
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  19. I guess the rest of the 40th celebrations are really postponed then.
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