True Confessions is tied with the self-titled for my favorite Bananarama record. That lush soundscape!

It may be a 40th anniversary singles collection deluxe set maybe done over 2 discs and in book style.

I would think a deluxe singles collection would go something like this...

CD 1.
1. Aie a mwana
2. It ain't what you do
3. Really saying something
4. Shy boy
5. Cheers then
6. Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye
7. Cruel Summer
8. Robert De Niro's waiting
9. Rough justice
10. Hotline to heaven
11. The Wild life
12. Do not disturb
13. Venus
14. More than physical
15. A trick of the night
16. I heard a rumour
17. Love in the first degree
18. I can't help it
19. I want you back
20. Love truth and honesty
21. Nathan Jones
22. Help

CD 2.

23. Only your love
24. Preacher man
25. Long train running
26. Tripping on your love
27. Movin on
28. Last thing on my mind
29. More more more
30. Every shade of Blue
31. Take me to your heart
32. Move in my direction
33. Look on the floor
34. Love comes
35. Love don't live here
36. Now or never
37. Stuff like that
38. Looking for someone
39. Masquerade
40. Forever young

And coincidentally that adds up to 40 tracks for 40 years :)
“Now or Never” wasn’t really a single though so they might as well put “Baby It's Christmas” on.
The more I think on it, I really am here for whatever they're teasing to be a Christmas album or EP. 'Baby It's Christmas' is always one of my most played tracks each Christmas so I'd be happy for that track to finally have an album at least.

Plus, maybe I'm just being ignorant but I don't think there's been any recent Christmas albums by girl groups? 'Hell of a Holiday' by Pistol Annies is the only one I know of, and obviously Destiny's Child but that was 21 years ago now.
The font used on the teaser seems to be the same as the rest of the Masquerade campaign so I presume it’s still connected to that project, perhaps a deluxe version of the album or even Masquerade part two.
Is anyone here a fan of the True Confessions album like I am? Yes it is not as commercial (Venus aside) but to me, the production is great and the writing is really good. I like that it isn’t straight up sweet pop hooks. There is an edge. Perhaps Bananarama’s most serious album imo?

Both Bananarama and True Confessions are my two favourite trio albums. They are incredible records. I was gutted TC did not perform better. A Trick Of The Night is such an underrated gem. I am so happy I got to see them perform this live at the reunion shows.